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Will Ron Paul be assassinated if he runs for USA president? 

By Larry Engel

There is a video on by Ted L. Gunderson, ex-LA FBI chief, where he interviewed a CIA Black Ops. officer named Chip Tatum.

Tatum (code named Pegasus) stated, he was called by President George H.W. Bush (the older) and given an assignment to carry out a standard CIA operation, called a Neutralization Order.

For several years, I was a radio talk show host with Radio Hall of Famer, Rod Douglas and Ted Gunderson, 27 years with the FBI. I can testify to the quality of Gunderson’s work. Anything Gunderson said or presented was reliable beyond question. Everything was investigated thoroughly and well documented with high quality evidence. In the interview Gunderson states flatly that Tatum is a reliable witness and his credentials have been checked out. Ted had his sources.

Tatum, 25 years in CIA Black Ops who is a pilot, gives details about flying drugs into the USA for the CIA under orders from high government officials. He tells about attempts on his own life and ways he has insured himself against being murdered by keeping records and storing them with a foreign intelligence operative.

When you know too much they kill you. Or if you become a threat to them, they will kill you.

This is characteristic of hundreds of years of operations of the central banking Black Nobility. They are called the Black Nobility, not because their skin is black, but because of their ruthless methods of holding power. They rob, rape, murder, assassinate, blackmail, slander, libel, frame-up and kill the families of anyone who gets in their way. They brook no opposition to their control of the volume of money in circulation or their monopoly of banking, corporate industries, natural resources, the military, mass media and religious leaders. One of their greatest achievements was the East India Company. It had its own Army and Navy, bigger than Britains and controlled a large segments of the world population. Today this movement is called the New World Order.

They believe “competition is a Sin” and will murder any business owner or inventor whose enterprise they wish to add to their monopoly. Under Capitalism their corporations purchase the government. Political leaders become their lackeys or so stated President Teddy Roosevelt who himself was shot, by one of them, while running on his own “Third” party, Bull Moose ticket, for the office of the president, after being forced to retire. As president he destroyed the empire of J.B. Morgen and others in the Trust Busting program to help and protect the man on the street from the banker’s slavery powers. He stated corporations where purchasing favors from Republican politicians and they in turn refused to nominate him as their parties candidate, again. Yes! He was president at the time!

Therefore, a candidate for public office you should understand is putting their life and their families lives at risk if they wish to represent the people of the USA and not the Black Nobility. Gunderson’s interview is not only proof, but gives you the nuts and bolts of how it works. The Black Nobility always murder their opposition when nothing else works. It is not a question of will they. This is what they always do. Yes always.

So what was Tatum asked to do by president George H.W. Bush? What is this Neutralization Order of an American citizen, operation? In this type of operation, the CIA officer contacts the target and warns them off indicating failure to obey the warning will have very negative results.

In this case, the target was H. Ross Perot, 1992 United We Stand, third party candidate, who had captured the hearts and minds of the American people in his run for the presidency and in TV debates with Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, where Perot’s proposals were very convincing. He won the debates. He also got 20% of the vote after he had dropped out. (mostly write-in) In that election, Bush failed to win a second term as president and Clinton became president.

Tatum reports to Gunderson that he always refused this type of domestic assignment. But the indication is someone else got the assignment. And Tatum may only be alive to tell about it, because of his “insurance”. The CIA officer accepting this operation, would tell H. Ross Perot to drop out of the race for the presidency or his daughter would be killed at her up coming wedding. Perot was given time to consider. He would have no reason to believe the threat would not be carried out and Perot knew that the CIA had the ability to do it and that they would not have warned/threatened him unless they intended to carry out the action, if he failed to do as they said. The Neutralization Order would be carried out by the CIA.

Many people will remember how suddenly, Perot dropped out of the presidential race, when he was doing extremely well, and likely the front runner. This disappointed many of his supporters. His supporters were even angry at him, because they had put so much work into his campaign. Perot dropped out before his daughter’s marriage day and she was not killed. There were rumors circulating that some kind of threat had been made against his daughter and that is why he dropped out of the race. But this was only an under-current, below the surface.

However, Jim Marrs, as Journalists, A View from Marrs reported, Perot said he dropped out because of fears over the safety of his family.

It makes me wonder if Sarah Palin loves her family more than she loves political office. She does not seem to be taking full advantage of her popularity with many voters. As a voter, the information provided in Gunderson’s video should give you food for thought. From my point of view it is not a question of: if the Black Nobility will kill a politician or their family members, in my mind it is a fact they always do this. I believe eight presidents of the USA have been assassinated by the Black Nobility and four or more others shot or poisoned but survived. Obviously, in recent times as well as in the past. There is evidence that President William Howard Taft, made a sudden about face on the Trust Busting issue! Why?

The Black Nobility are the agents of mass murders and their moneypower is behind the creation of all major wars. I do hope the demonstrators on Wall Street and around the world will have their eyes open to the ruthless methods that will be employed before change for the better comes. Tatum said he wants the American people to understand the level of what we are dealing with. Ron Paul and his wife know the danger and are willing to take the risk and pay the price for you and me.


A Ron Paul Presidency?

The question is regularly raised: is Ron Paul electable?  But, the more important question is, if he is elected, will he be killed by the financial and power elites?

This is a very reasonable question.  In US history, two Presidents have been particularly pro-gold/silver standard:  James Garfield and John F. Kennedy.  Both were assassinated.

James A. Garfield's presidency lasted just 200 days, from March 4, 1881, until his death on September 19, 1881, as a result of being shot by assassin Charles J. Guiteau on July 2, 1881. Only William Henry Harrison's presidency, of 32 days, was shorter.

Garfield was a staunch proponent of "honest money" or "specie payment" backed by a gold standard, and was therefore a strong opponent of the "greenback", the currency issued during the civil war.   He called greenbacks "the printed lies of the government" and became obsessed with the morality, as well as the legality, of specie payment, and enforcement of the gold standard.

He stated, "any party which commits itself to paper money will go down amid the general disaster, covered with the curses of a ruined people."

The JFK assassination has been all but completely proven to have been perpetrated by Lyndon B. Johnson.  This has been confirmed by one of LBJ's mistresses (in this video) and by recently released tapes made by Jackie Onassis.  Both of them state LBJ's involvement.

The real question then is who backed LBJ in the crime.  Certainly, the timing couldn't have been any better for the Federal Reserve and the financial elites that control the monetary system.  While JFK was no hero for liberty (he was a progressive), on June 4, 1963, JFK signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve.

The order gave the Treasury the power "to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury."  Under this power, $4.3 billion in U.S. notes were brought into circulation.  But, five months later JFK was assassinated and no more silver certificates were issued.  Interestingly, the Executive Order was never repealed by any U.S. President through an Executive Order and is still valid.  But, it has never been spoken of again.  Perhaps the public execution of JFK serves as sufficient reminder for all subsequent presidents.

A special mention should also be included for Ronald Reagan.  While Ronald Reagan wasn't assassinated, there was an attempt on his life.  Reagan was a small government proponent who had the former head of the CIA, George H.W. Bush as his VP.  Sixty-nine days into his reign, he was shot by Bush family friend John Hinckley Jr. (Hinckley's father was a financial supporter of George H.W. Bush's 1980 presidential primary campaign, where Bush was Reagan's closest rival for the Republican nomination prior to becoming his Vice President. Hinckley's older brother, Scott, had a dinner date scheduled at the home of Neil Bush the day after the Reagan assassination attempt)

A Long Road Ahead for Paul
In short, there are a lot more hurdles ahead before Ron Paul as President becomes reality.  He still has to be voted the incumbent of the Republican Party - a steep hurdle, especially considering that even when he wins he still comes second.

Failure to win will mean his only option is to run as an independent, which would mean, essentially, that his chances of winning would fall to near zero.  If he does win then he still would have to beat the Democratic candidate.  And, if he wins that, he would have to get past the likely assassination attempts by the usual suspects... and it doesn't have to be something so blatant as a public shooting.  The CIA has been shown to have numerous weapons and techniques to cause someone to have a heart attack or to even give a healthy person cancer.

And, if he can survive through all of that, he would still have to fight Congress to get anything done - the same Congress who couldn't cut 5% of their total planned spending increases over ten years.  In short, don't get too excited that Ron Paul is going to change the world just yet... and don't get too worried that we may have to sell our gold and gold stocks just yet either.

When asked, our normal response is "they are all tied for last" - it is a criminal position by its very nature.  But, when Jay Leno asked Ron Paul who he thought was the best President, Ron Paul responded with Grover Cleveland.  Grover Cleveland, not surprisingly, was the most libertarian President the US has had in its history.  (Leonard Melman also considers Cleveland to be the best... as Melman recounts in this Anarchast interview he is working on a book on Cleveland to highlight his libertarian leanings).  Also, for the record, Murray Rothbard liked Martin van Buren.

And, who does Barack Obama think are the best Presidents?  In this clip left on the cutting room floor from a recent 60 Minutes interview, Barack modestly considers himself to be the 4th best President in history.  The three that, according to Obama "possibly" are better, were the man who killed JFK, Lyndon B. Johnson, the man who stole gold from the American citizenry, FDR and the white supremist tyrant who unneccesarily entered the US into a horrific civil war, Abraham Lincoln.

Perhaps with the passage of bill 1867 which declares the Bill of Rights null and void, considers America a "war zone" and effectively declares war on US citizens, Obama can consider himself to be the greatest of that ignominious bunch at destroying any last shred of liberty in the US and enslaving the entire population.

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