Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Down on the farm

It doesn't take long before a state becomes a human farm, with butchered families, and offspring sold like cattle. 

This story comes to us from England, but I've no doubt similar such things occur every day right here in Colorado. 

The Child Protection Services game is an evil racket, with families torn assunder and weeping, while soulless profiteers reap a percentage of each tear .


The doctor who broke up families:

Psychiatrist who damned hundreds as 'unfit parents' faces GMC probe

Dr George Hibbert could be struck off over his conclusions that hundreds of parents had ‘personality disorders’

By Katherine Faulkner

17 March 2012

Dr George Hibbert faces claims he deliberately misdiagnosed parents with mental disorders - decisions which meant their children were taken away from them

A leading psychiatrist faces extraordinary claims he deliberately misdiagnosed parents with mental disorders – decisions which meant their children were taken away from them.

Dr George Hibbert faces being struck off over his conclusions that hundreds had ‘personality disorders’ after assessing them at his private family centre.

He was paid hundreds of thousands of pounds by social services for the reports which tore children from their parents – many of them young mothers.

He is now being investigated over shocking suggestions he distorted the assessments to fit the view of social services.

In one case, he is alleged to have wrongly diagnosed a ‘caring’ new mother – named only as Miss A – with bipolar disorder because her local authority wanted the baby adopted.

After being confronted with this allegation, Dr Hibbert offered to surrender his licence to practise as a doctor rather than face a General Medical Council inquiry.

But his request has been rejected by the GMC which says there are still ‘unresolved concerns regarding his fitness to practise’. He will now face a full fitness to practise hearing.

Yesterday John Hemming MP, who has raised concerns about Dr Hibbert in Parliament, described the claims as shocking.

The Lib Dem MP – alerted by a whistle-blower – said he had since spoken to ‘three or four’ other families who said the same had happened to them.

He has written to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke demanding a full parliamentary inquiry.

Mr Hemming said: ‘He is someone about whom a number of people have complained. I am told that at least one person has refused to work for him because of what she saw as his unethical provision of reports to suit the demands of local authorities.

Rich: Two Porsches can be seen parked outside the home of Dr Hibbert near Swindon. He is worth more than £2.7million

‘Much of the decision making in care proceedings rests on reports from experts such as Dr Hibbert,’ he told Parliament.

He added that supposedly independent experts such as Dr Hibbert, 59, were often little more than ‘the hired gun of the local authority’.

The lack of transparency over such experts was leading to ‘thousands of miscarriages of justice in care proceedings’.

'It seemed like nobody got out without their baby being taken away'

Earlier this week, a study for the Family Justice Council revealed how life-changing decisions about the care of children are routinely being made on the basis of flawed evidence. A fifth of ‘experts’ who advise the family courts are unqualified.

Dr Hibbert charged local authorities £6,000 a week for every family in his care and £210 an hour just to read documents such as medical records.

By 2007 his company, Assessment in Care, was making a profit of around £460,000 a year from his lucrative arrangement with social services.

He is now worth more than £2.7million. Last night a black Porsche Turbo, thought to be worth around £120,000, and a grey Porsche 911 Carrera, worth around £80,000, were parked on the gravel driveway outside his £500,000 country cottage.

A former honorary lecturer at Oxford University, who has previously advised the government on care assessments, Dr Hibbert left the NHS to set up his private assessment centre in 2000.

Since then, hundreds of parents in contact with social services – usually mothers and babies – have been referred to his centre to be assessed.

Concerns were first raised in 2007, when mother Miss A complained that Dr Hibbert had wrongly diagnosed her with a bipolar disorder.

One consultant psychiatrist accused Dr Hibbert of having ‘no evidence’ for some of his claims and of deliberately ‘exaggerating’ and ‘misrepresenting’ aspects of the woman’s behaviour.

Her report is among a number of documents being examined by the GMC with regards to Dr Hibbert.

Miss A, who has seen her son just a few times since, said Dr Hibbert was ‘corrupt and evil.’

‘Nothing will ever make up for what he has done to me and my child,’ Miss A said. ‘I want to make sure this man is exposed and that he can never do this to anybody else.’

In a letter sent to Miss A, a GMC investigations officer confirmed Dr Hibbert ‘has now applied for voluntary erasure from the medical register’.

In demand: Dr Hibbert was paid hundreds of thousands of pounds by social services for reports which tore children from their parents - many of them young mothers

The letter continued: ‘He has no intention of returning to clinical practice in the future.’

However, the GMC officer concluded it was in the ‘public interest’ for his request to be denied ‘in view of the nature of the performance allegations and in the view of the conduct concerns.’

He has not been available for comment at his two-storey detached cottage in the small village of Blunsdon near Swindon. His assessment centre next to his home appeared to be closed.

From Wednesday's Mail

A spokesman for Dr Hibbert at the Medical Protection Society, the indemnity organisation for doctors, said professional confidentiality meant Dr Hibbert was ‘unable to comment on allegations raised in relation to care of a patient’.

Paul Grant, of Bernard Chill & Axtell Solicitors, who represents Miss A, said: ‘Our client has instructed us to launch proceedings against Dr Hibbert and the local authority.

‘We believe this distressing case may be the tip of a very big iceberg.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2116175/The-doctor-broke-families-Psychiatrist-damned-hundreds-unfit-parents-faces-GMC-probe.html#ixzz1pNIbyTdj



Daily Mail (London)

March 17, 2012

MISS A was sent to Dr Hibbert's assessment centre with her son when he was only eight weeks old.  She had been staying at a mother and baby unit in Staffordshire because of concerns about her violent ex-partner.

Staff there said Miss A 'showed care and consistency to her son' and there was 'no evidence of any psychotic illness, including bipolar disorder.' But after going to Dr Hibbert's centre, Miss A said she quickly realised that almost nobody was allowed to leave with their baby.

'I started to panic,' she said. 'It seemed like no one ever got out without their baby being taken away. You would see them screaming and crying, begging not to have their baby taken away.'

She said that the centre was 'like a boot camp' and added: 'They made us clean toilets, get up and go to bed at certain times, and they made notes on everything we did.'

When her assessment period was over, Dr Hibbert told her she had bipolar disorder, and had to stay 12 more weeks so he could put her on the correct medication.

'By that time, I just wanted to get out of there,' she said.

'I said if I needed treatment, I wanted to go back to the mother and baby unit so I could be closer to my other children.

'He seemed angry when I told him that. If I had stayed with him, he would have been able to make more money out of me.'

A few days later, Miss A was told she had to go immediately - leaving her baby, now four months old, behind.

Distressed and not knowing where to go, she returned to the mother and baby unit.

She was assessed by two psychiatrists and both said she did not have bipolar disorder.

One, Dr Kristina Hofberg, wrote a damning response to Dr Hibbert's report on Miss A - saying it was littered with exaggerations.

She dismissed his examples of her 'manic' behaviour - including the fact that she often went shopping for clothes and books, and enjoyed baking cakes - as normal behaviour.

She said the fact that Miss A was talkative was 'not an indication of a disorder,' nor was the fact that she 'shops' or 'likes books'.

She also said Dr Hibbert had written the report as if Miss A had abandoned her baby - when in fact she had been ordered to leave.

She asked why Miss A was told she had to leave the centre alone, with no warning, if Dr Hibbert believed that she had 'significant mental health needs'.


  1. can parents sue the L/A and Hibbert over this miscarragas he has been discedited.

    has hibbert got to pat all the monies back due to his lies.

    do other perents want to unit to take action aginst Hibbert.

  2. Has bibbert to pay back all monies back on his falsehood, and not "pat" as on error

  3. it is Hibbert and not bibbert