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The Good Hands People


They call it dirty politics. Yet, this takes politics it to a new level. This is the sexual and physical abuse of youths for political and financial gain. In acts sicker than can be imagined American youths are brutalized on a daily basis. These youths are belittled and tormented. They are even tortured and imprisoned. They are psychologically tormented. They are accosted and raped. Food and water is denied to them. It is wicked beyond belief. Moreover, it is all real and undeniable. Even worse, today’s political candidates are indelibly tied to it. That may shock some people. Yet, these ties are impossible to refute.
Who are these candidates who are directly tied to this abuse? They are Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. The ties are largely through so-called Republican Party powerbrokers. Sembler’s role as an agent of corruption is beyond dispute. Yet, because of his political ‘favors’ he has been given many high appointments. Says Arnold Trebach, Professor Emeritus of Law at America University:
As a proud American I find Melvin Sembler, our ambassador to Italy, and his wife, Betty, to be profound embarrassments. It is important that their advice on the drug war and especially on drug treatment be ignored. Indeed, it might be best if Italians listened to what this powerful couple had to say about drugs—and then followed policies in precisely the opposite direction.
There are surely many doubters. Then, it was’s Maia Szalavitz who titled her article in June 2007 “Romney, Torture, and Teens” Says John Gorenfeld:
For 16 years Sembler, with his wife Betty, directed the leading juvenile rehab business in America, STRAIGHT, Inc., before seeing it dismantled by a breathtaking array of institutional abuse claims by mid-1993. Just one of the many survivors is Samantha Monroe, now a travel agent in Pennsylvania, who told The Montel Williams Show this year about overcoming beatings, rape by a counselor, forced hunger, and the confinement to a janitor’s closet in “humble pants”—which contained weeks of her own urine, feces, and menstrual blood. During this “time-out” she gnawed her cheek and spat blood at her overseers. I refused to let them take my mind,” she says of the program. The abuse took years to overcome.
This is no isolated case. According to sworn testimony, as described by Barry Beyerstein in his book Thought Reform, and the Road to Hell Straight often left restrained group members sitting in their own urine, feces, or vomit, until suitable concessions were extracted.
According to the Cafferty Report Sembler’s evil knows no bounds. As Cafferty noted:
Soon enough, Straight’s tactics caught up to it in the courts…A college student won a false imprisonment claim of $220,000 in 1983, and another claim cost Straight, Inc., $721,000 in 1990. A Straight, Inc., spin-off, called “Kids of New Jersey” settled a $4.5 million abuse claim in 2000. Straight chapters across the country began to shut down, culminating with the last branch in Atlanta closing in 1993.
Now, make no mistake about it Romney’s involvement is far from incidental. Sembler is his national finance co-chair. Commonly, Romney shows a kind of brutally arrogant mean streak before the people, especially the pitiful and vulnerable. Then, again, Sembler is the founder of Straight, and, thus, all the acts which were achieved there, all the abuse, torment, and oppression—all the sadistic acts of child abuse, torment, and rape—but also all the murders, were under his watch. Sembler is responsible for these, and to a large degree Sembler is Romney.
It is not just the victims who have attested to this. Notes Maia Szalavitz in her 2007 article, “At all of Straight’s facilities state investigators…documented scores of abuses, including teens being beaten, deprived of food and sleep for days, restrained by fellow youth for hours, bound, sexually humiliated, abused, and spat upon. According to the L.A. Times California investigators determined that the teens at Sembler’s clinics were “subjected to unusual punishment, infliction of pain, humiliation, intimidation, ridicule, coercion, threats (and) mental abuse.” In addition, the most basic functions of life always take for granted for the young and developing, such as “eating, sleeping, and toileting,” were denied to them. Sadistic monsters—how else can they be described?
That Romney is involved with such a man does not bode well for his potential as the ruler of the land. Yet, then, they have more in common with each other than mere political campaigning.
These various clinics are not just run by anybody. Rather, many are run either by the Democratic Party or the GOP. In these various facilities, many of which are similar to those presided upon by Sembler, the following fatalities occurred:
Aaron Albert Grey, 16 years-old: died of unexplained causes in 2001
Aaron Wright Bacon, 16 years-old: died in 1994 of untreated abdominal infection
Alex Cullinane, 13 years-old: died in 2006, under investigation
Alex Harris, 12 years-old: died in 2005 of a blow to the head and dehydration
Agellika Arndt, 7 years-old: died in 2006 of traumatic asphyxiation while restrained
Anthony Dumas, 15 years-old: died in 2000, hanged himself; facility workers didn’t cut him down, took pictures
Anthony Green, 15 years-old, 1991, died of traumatic asphyxiation
Anthony T. Haynes, 14 years-old, 2001, died of dehydration
Ashley Shaddox, 14 years-old, died in 1998
Bobby Joe Randolph, 17 years-old, died in 1996 of traumatic asphyxiation
Bobby Sue Thomas, 17 years-old, died in 1996 of acute cardiac arrhythmia, while restrained
Brandon Hadden, 18 years-old, died in 1998, choked on his vomit while being restrained
Caleb Jensen, 15 years-old, died 2007, untreated severe staph infection
Travis Parker, 13 years-old, died 2005 from asthma after being denied treatment while being restrained
Tristan Sovern, 16 years-old, died 1998 from asphyxiation while being restrained
Valerie Ann Heron, 17 years-old, died, 2001, suicide by jumping from a balcony
Victoria Petersilka, died 2002, suicide by hanging
Unidentied, 16 years-old, died 2007, suicide by hanging
These are just a few of the victims of this murderous system. The world should be screaming at the top of its lungs at these crimes. Yet, hardly a word is not spoken nor a memory voiced. It would seem that Romney’s association with Sembler is more than merely for political connections. There is something far more diabolical here.
Consider another Romney associate, Robert Lichfield. The founder of the so-called World Wide Association of Specialty Schools (WWASP) Litchfield operated dozens of schools across the country and overseas, most of which were shut down after allegations of abuse. According to legal filings teens were “locked in outdoor dog cages, exercised to exhaustion, deprived of food and sleep, exposed to extreme temperatures without adequate clothing or water…” They were also beaten severely to the point of causing physical wounds and sexually abused. Suffering every conceivable humiliation, “some were even made to eat their own vomit.” All this occurred under Romney’s control.
Here is another example of his direct involvement. In 1984 Romney founded Bain Capital Group, which operated Aspen Educational Group. One of its facilities in Oregon was shut down by the Department of Human Services after substantial child abuse was proven by investigators. In one case in yet another program a 16 year-old boy died from what were determined to be “reckless” acts by the Romney subsidiary. The former Romney group has been slammed with a number of lawsuits for “emotional, physical, and sexual abuse” of the juveniles.
These youths were subjected to sadistic punishments such as having to reenact traumatic experiences, including prior instances of child sexual abuse before fellow residents, extreme isolation, prolonged deprivation of food and water as well as shelter and basic medical care. The victims, it was reported, were “required to go days with little or no sleep and also regularly forced into ‘chain gang’-style labor.” In yet additional torment phone calls to families were limited but also monitored…and “parents were instructed by staff not to believe their children if they claimed…abuse.” In other words, the parents were instructed that, as a routine, their children would lie and should not be believed: it was part of the process.
As if to confirm the malicious nature of the entity this Romney subsidiary established the following Waiver and Release, signed in advance, by parents delivering their children:
Sponsor intends by this Waiver and Release to release in advance and to waive his or her rights and discharge each and every one of the Release Parties from any and all claims for damages, death, personal injury, or property damage, which Sponsor may have or which may hereafter accrue as a result of the student’s participation…even though that liability may arise from negligence or carelessness (or) from dangerous, defective property or equipment…Additionally, sponsor covenants not to sue any of the Sponsors…
A history of sadism also surrounds Santorum. It was this man who was indelibly tied to that vile monster and noted child rapist Jerry Sandusky. Yes, it’s true despite plausible denials Santorum is directly connected with a pedophilia ring headed by ex-assistant Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky. The founder of a Pennsylvania-based charity purporting to aid troubled juveniles, Second Mile, Sandusky used the facility for far different reasons than acclaimed. The orphaned, troubled, and vulnerable children/teens he took in were, in fact, commonly raped. Sandusky himself had sex with dozens of them.
It gets even worse. As reported originally by Wayne Madsen Sandusky and his vile ones farmed numerous of these children out to be used as sex objects. This was by the mighty and rich, including U.S. Congressmen and Senators as well as rich donors. Like Sandusky, Santorum housed these juveniles as pages, making them ultimately available to both the wealthy and Washington, D.C.-based politicians. That’s why he tries to deflect people from the issue.
Yet, what was Santorum’s position on Sandusky? He regarded him so highly that he personally gave him an award, the Congressional Angels in Adoption Award. It is beyond belief: that Santorum-orchestrated award honored him for ruining the lives of vulnerable children and adolescents.
Sandusky has since publically admitted his proclivity for these acts.
When NBC’s Bob Costas interviewed Sandusky, asking him, “Are you sexually attracted to young boys or underage boys?,” he responded, as if he didn’t hear the question, “Am I sexually attracted to underage boys? Yes.” The man is so fixed in his rot that he couldn’t resist proclaiming this, even on national TV. He also admitted that he was caught sexually abusing a 10 year-old boy in a shower at Penn State. In describing the unspeakable said assistant coach Mike McQueary, who witnessed the act, Sandusky was raping the child in the anus. McQueary reported this directly to the head coach, Joe Paterno. However, Paterno failed to report it to the police. As the traumatized youths kept coming forward, lawsuits for sexual abuse were launched. As a result, Santorum’s and Sandusky’s ‘angelic’ adoption center was shuttered, and all assets seized in order to settle the suits.
Now, while Santorum denies it he is indelibly tied to Sandusky.
As revealed by Wayne Madsen in the Madsen Report these men worked closely not only in the Second Mile project but also directly in placing the youths in harm’s way. Santorum himself used these youths in his offices as pages. In other words, regarding these highly vulnerable juveniles the two worked as a team. However, now, when asked about it, what does Santorum say? He says that, as reported on November 8, 2011, by the Philadelphia Inquirer, he “does not know Sandusky personally.” Then, who presented the award, his fairy God mother? Santorum also defended those high ones at Penn State, saying they should be treated leniently. Even after child rape was officially reported by the police the highly compromised Santorum stood strong for both Sandusky and Paterno, instead of defending the families and children. When people questioned Paterno’s failure to report the crime to police, which is a state law, again, Santorum came to his defense. In contrast, he never said a word of concern about the victims or their families, and that’s a big never. The family values candidate can now be categorically re-named the Unfamily values candidate.
Yet, through Santorum’s blockade how many other people were harmed? How many other youths were raped and abused because of the indifference of Santorum, Penn State officials, and their likes? As a former Senator and close associate of Sandusky he was in the position to help: to make the revelations that could have prevented further horrors. He could have assisted those tormented ones, cooperating with the police. Not this individual. Instead, he maintained the cover of the perpetrators.
This is not the first time Santorum ran cover for pedophiles. In 2006 on PCNTV during the Mark Foley scandal, when interviewed about the issue of the molestation of pages he said:
You know, if we’re talking about page programs—when the national security of this country is hanging in the balance—and the media says, ‘no, don’t pay attention to that, let’s focus on this.’
Clearly, Santorum was running interference for Foley, but was that the only reason for his attempt to distract? Even so, regarding Foley, while he had all along been molesting congressional pages, it was only when a degree of evidence surfaced that brought this to light. So, what was Santorum defending? It was surely not family values but acts that are the most anti-family conceivable. It was “suggestive emails and sexually explicit instant messages” sent “to under-age males” who were at that time working as congressional pages.
Yes, Santorum did the inconceivable. He took action to distract attention from this. As the family candidate isn’t his duty to do the opposite, which is to bring attention to the molestation of the basis of the family, which is the children? Shouldn’t he have held strong in defense of the pages and their families, calling for the most extreme measures to protect the innocent, the tormented? Instead, he sought to cause people to focus on some supposed external threat, those dangerous ‘Muslims’, which he merely invents? What kind of sick criminal is he that he would maliciously and purposely run interference for Foley, just like he did for the perpetrators at Penn State?
After all, it was Foley himself would said as reported by Satyam Khanna that his lurid emails were just “a momentary lapse of judgment,” while admitting that he carried on “the computer conversations for months, asking about masturbation, sex, and other details.” In real life no one does this with juveniles, except a pervert. Would anyone want that done to their sons or daughters? He even had the audacity to say that he’s “not a pedophile, because the pages were almost 18.”
Now, have no doubt about it Foley not only emailed these pages but also had sex with a number of them. He just did it in a tricky way. He kept soliciting them for sex and then waited until the pages were 18, and it was then that he had sex with them. Sick as he is, it was Foley who was the former co-chair of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children. That scheming pedophile clandestinely placed himself in the perfect position. Here, he helped enact laws that toughened the penalties on Internet predators, who solicited sex from youths. Placed in this position, he well knew that the high penalties were for those who then perpetrated the molestation before 18. After that, it could be disguised as “consensual.” Yet, he was precisely one such Internet predator, since he was soliciting sex, particularly in 16 and 17 year-olds. Then, according to the youths themselves when they reached 18-years of age he had sex with them. Remember, these were youths put under the auspices of Congress to serve the Congressmen. They had put their trust in these men. There could be no crime greater than to molest such vulnerable youths.
So, Mr. Santorum, why are you doing anything on behalf of this man? Why did you run interference for him, blaming the media, if you care anything about these youth’s families? Are you connected directly to that page-soliciting pedophilia ring? You do have much to hide. Otherwise, why else would you make every effort to deflect the issue?
What degree of pain did they needlessly suffer, what psychological damage that was preventable, all because Santorum helped disguise and minimize their crimes? Here again, the always hypocritical Santorum is supports to the bloody end precisely the people he condemns, adulterers, pornographers, rapists, and pedophiles, while paying no heed to the victims, the families. Who could be viler than this? Anyone who supports this man is supporting not only hypocrisy but pedophilia itself.
Then, what are his connections to pedophilia? They are significant, so much so that he chooses to lie about it. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer Santorum said he doesn’t know Sandusky. Now, wait a minute. He was the one who handed him that special award, “Congressional Angels in Adoption Award” in 2002. He didn’t just give him the award at that gala event but also sponsored the then assistant coach to achieve it. His statement “doesn’t ever recall meeting him” is not merely a lie; after all he personally gave him that award. It is all extremely telling. It proves he has much to hide.
What about the victims, Santorum? Do you care nothing for them? Thus, he said about Sandusky’s sadistic operation:
He ran a very respected charity who did a lot of work for kinds in trouble. I had a lot of friends who were on his board and spoke highly of him, so it seemed to me to be pretty natural. But it was obviously a huge mistake.
That’s not good enough. It’s still a cover-up. Santorum is still not talking the real talk, which is concern for the victims and launching an investigation to prevent more crimes.
Remember, in 2002 he knew about it and did nothing except to aid and abet the operation. He was, after all, a Senator in the midst of all this, while children were coming forward, and their families, claiming molestation. So, does his behavior jive with his words? According to Santorum:
You can say I’m a hater. But I would argue I’m a lover. I’m a lover of traditional families and of the right of children to have a mother and father. I would argue that the future of America hangs in the balance, because the future of the family hangs in the balance. Isn’t that the ultimate homeland security, standing up and defending marriage?
He says he loves “traditional families.” You see the words above. A traditional family is the parents plus children protected from harm and surely from sexual perversion. Yet, when the traditional family comes forward, like those suffering from Sandusky’s and Foley’s sadistic acts, what does Santorum do? He doesn’t defend the family or its vulnerable children. Incredibly, instead he defends the molesters.
The tobacco “family” candidate
Would a real family candidate be a promoter of big tobacco? Not hardly. Investigations into his lobbyist connections found that Santorum’s second-highest total came from the Altria Group, the newer face for Philip Morris Companies and U.S. Tobacco. The makers of Marlboro cigarettes and Skoal tobacco have spent some 100,000 in PAC funds to advance Santorum’s political career.
It was Santorum when as a member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, who opposed increased restrictions on the tobacco industry and was largely responsible for killing the 1998 Universal Tobacco Settlement Act.
The bill aimed to “prevent the use of tobacco products by minors” and to “redress the adverse health effects of tobacco use.” It also would have incorporated a settlement requiring the industry to pay billions of dollars to state governments. After Congress failed to pass it, a narrower settlement was reached between the tobacco companies and state attorneys general.
Through this action Santorum has damaged the family infrastructure by giving free reign for tobacco companies to do endless harm to the youth. How much did he get paid for that? He’s a family candidate, alright, when it comes to soliciting votes.
So, Mr. Romney and Mr. Santorum, how can these ties to pedophilia and the abuse of America’s youth be explained away? In fact, for both of these presidential candidates there is much explaining to do. Yes, there is a need for an immediate explanation of any involvement, for instance, Mr. Santorum, because this is the man who you honored:
In the fall 2000 a janitor named James Calhoun observed Sandusky in the showers of the Lasch Football Building with a young boy, known as Victim 8, pinned up against the wall, performing oral sex on the boy. He tells other janitorial staff immediately. Fellow Office of Physical Plant employee Ronald Petrosky cleans the showers at Lasch and sees Sandusky and the boy, who he describes as between the ages of 11 and 13.
What kind of children were abused? Normal children, your children, impoverished, vulnerable children. According to Lee Bailey’s Eurweb “Poor children became easy prey for Sandusky, who would start with mentoring, then move on to hosting the boys for overnights in the bedroom at his home, then initiate copulation, anal sex, according to the grand jury report.
Santorum, you lie: you say you don’t recall meeting or knowing this man. You know it is a lie.
It was also widely known that Sandusky was twice investigated for illicit acts with children:
In 1998 Gricar (the DA) made the decision not to file charges against Sandusky after a mother told university police Sandusky had inappropriate contact with her 11-year-old son. (Yet) according to detectives’ testimony (who eavesdropped on the conversation at the mother’s request) Sandusky told the mother… “I was wrong. I wish I could get forgiveness. I know I won’t get it from you. I wish I were dead…”
Now, it’s not he who wishes he was dead but the family—the parents and the children, as reported by on national TV:
One of the mothers of the victims, whose voice was disguised and recently spoke to Good Morning America in silhouette, said, “There was a time when my son started acting out. He was angry about something, we didn’t know what.”
How serious is this? It’s serious beyond belief. If a person in an office is found scanning the Internet on porn sites, such a one is fired immediately. No excuse. So, explain it, Mr. Santorum. The award was given in 2002. Penn State officials knew about Sandusky’s acts, and so did you. You knew about the prior abuse. Your own behavior belies it. Let’s hear you for once speak on behalf of even one of these victims instead of protecting the realm. Let’s hear your excuse, now. Prove to us that you really do care about our American families. And Mr. Romney, explain to us, too, your connections with the pedophilia/child abuse rings tied to both you and Mel Sembler.……/198-Santorum-Blames-Media-for-Page-Sca………/boys-in-penn-state-molestation-scandal-ma

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