Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Doctor Cop

originally written in april 2014

Well, it just goes to show how messed up the world can be sometimes.

Benjamin and Elizabeth are...somewhere.  Supposedly we will visit with them at 4:00 this afternoon...but I have a feeling there's some kind of catch.  I will not be surprised if we learn that the visit is, for whatever reasons, cancelled.

After literally standing in the way of my son's MRI, and taking down the stuff she posted about herself online, Teryl Vogler is still employed by the El Paso County Department of Human Services, and actually met and spoke with my mom and dad, and my husband's parents as well.  Scandalous.

The Dependency & Neglect case against us is already being unfairly tainted; I am being (mis)diagnosed by people who aren't even doctors and haven't ever even spoken with me! Imagine the things they would say about me if I did meet with them.  Every word you say is twisted into a knife and used against you.

For instance:  when I said that Benjamin would like to spend the night at the Broadmoor for his 10th birthday...that was completely distorted into something I neither said nor meant.  To hear the way Teryl Vogler described it to my parents:  "She asked for money so that she could grant Benjamin's final last wish...to spend the night at the Broadmoor."

BULLSHIT.  And I cannot believe that we still have to deal with this person, when we have already all seen what she's all about.  Interesting also, how ever since I re-posted her true confessions, MY blog is tagged as being Adult Content or something.  WHATEVER.

I guess now I undertstand a little bit more how disrespectful all of the professionals have been with me and my son all along.  If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked, "Oh...are you a doctor?" when trying to explain my son's illness!

I guess it's all those big words that only doctors and lawyers are supposed to know...but a mom with a good vocabulary is also a key symptom of Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy.  Apparently, it seems I know too much about my son's illness; too bad the doctors still seem to know so little.  But this sheriff sure seems to know a thing or two about medicine; maybe I should ask him to take a look at Ben's CT scans.

I cannot tell you how crushing this has been to our family, and to everything we trusted and held dear about doctors, lawyers, teachers...just everything.  It really really bites.  After the video, I'll post a little excerpt I found about Munchausen's, doctors, and DHS.

Please pray for Benjamin and Elizabeth Lawson.

"A growing number of parents are being accused of Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP). This is a nonexistent psychological disorder that is characterized by a caregiver faking or inducing a physical, mental or emotional disorder in a child in order to gain attention for his or herself. This diagnosis is not a valid psychological finding, yet it is being used as the latest fad in accusations of child abuse and neglect.

Increasingly, families across America are being destroyed by doctors and other professionals who make unwarranted allegations against desperate mothers of chronically/ critically ill children. The motives of the accusers can be multi-faceted. Often, allegations are used by a doctor or institution to evade a medical malpractice lawsuit, or to simply rid themselves of a troublesome mom when unable to diagnose a child’s condition.

Parents who are accused of Munchhausen’s will have their children summarily removed and, in many cases, life-sustaining treatment is withheld from the child in an effort to prove that the child’s illness has been faked by the parent. An appalling number of these children actually die and nobody is held accountable.

There are four leading situations in which the syndrome is cited: (1) When mothers have seriously disagreed with their children’s physicians; (2) When mothers who use managed care organizations have children with difficult medical problems who incur steep medical bills; (3) When there are custody disputes, where fathers allege abuse by the mother. (4) When physicians raise the issue after they have been accused by a family of malpractice.”

-- Profane Justice, by Suzanne Shell

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