Wednesday, June 17, 2015

In your face

Children behind bars at a Brazilian youth detention center

Are you one of those who doubt there's a serious problem with the Child Protection Racket in El Paso County, Colorado?

Ever wonder how much revenue the county derives from destroying families and ruining lives? Up to $70,000 in federal funds, per child, PER YEAR.

The large mural of children that serves as the backdrop to the entryway of the
El Paso County Terry  R. Harris Judicial Complex in Colorado Springs, CO,
looks just like kids behind bars from outside the building, and is visible day and night.

Kids -- like mine, for instance -- are snatched left and right, for little or no reason, with little or no evidence...from an average of 2,400 families annually; let's say 2 kids per family, thats 4,800 kids each year...roughly $336,000,000 annually? At least 40% of those children are forcibly and permanently adopted by strangers. 

"Where's the proof," you ask?
Why, it's right there 

It's like the powers that be in Colorado Springs are especially fond of hiding crappy facts in plain sight.

For instance, lots of people thought my outrage was much ado about nothing when the city's Art on the Streets council decided to place Michael Brohman's boat-made-out-of-black-people in front of the Terry R. Harris Judicial Complex.

But once again...when blacks are incarcerated for harsher terms at a higher rate than whites for the same crimes, the sculpture's placement was far less quirky coincidence, and far more IN YOUR FACE.

What's up with Brohman's "artwork" anyhow?  We already got a glimpse of what he thinks about black people; how does this gay, caucasian artist view young children?

For instance, does his charming piece to the left depict baby boys with severed genitals...or baby girls with severe diaper rash...or some kind of nightmarish blend?

Either way, if it's got you scratching your head, you can sure bet the answers are right IN YOUR FACE.

Most of us were born that way -- with eyes that can see, that is.

Is this broad Bruce in a bra, or the latest cute Kardashian, Caitlyn?

Does he feel pretty?

Might he be mentally ill?

How about this looney bitch -- black or white?  
Don't we already know?

Can she file for racial discrimination because she feels black inside?
Can Caitlyn file for gender discrimination if folks keep blundering and referring to her as "Sir?"

Where are we going?

Is up the new down?  

Is "5" the new "4"?"

The answers, my friend, 
are smack dab IN YOUR FACE.

America the Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs, all-seeing eye, seen only from the sky

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