Thursday, June 16, 2011

Behind the USOC

The $28,000 roof-top mural advertisement for the USOC really had me in a lather, so I decided to poke around a bit, and was surprised to see the name "William Hybl" again and again.

So, then why all the big hullaballoo about "keeping the USOC in Colorado Springs"?  I mean, from the looks of things, it *started out* in Colorado Springs...36 First Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906 to be exact; that's a block away from the Broadmoor.  

And why all of the whining and crying about who pays for what with the USOC -- GIMMIE A BREAK, THIS GUY IS LOADED...and yet they quibble about who will pay to light the USOC sign???

I'll admit, I don't know much about Non-Governmental Organizations (though I'm learning quickly) -- someone take a look at the documents below and clue me in; indeed, say something, anything, to take away the bitter Hybl taste in my mouth.


36 First



  1. Actually the USOC started in NYC and came to COS in 1978 -

  2. what's your explanation for the clear documentation embedded above? You *do* know that "TeamUSA" is a media offshoot of the USOC..right?