Sunday, June 5, 2011

F.A.S.T. track to Hell

Future attribute screening  technology, mobile malcontent security module -- it can tell if you're thinking negative thoughts.  HOW IS THIS SH*T FASTER IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM????  THIS IS CRAP!!!

“Are you attempting to smuggle a recording device into the Expo?”  “Do you plan to detonate an explosive device here today?”  “Do you have to go pee?”  “Do you think I’m hot?”  “Do you think I’m a jerk?”  “Please step aside to the strip search area.”

F U Asshole, I thought you said MALcontent...not Incontinent...and YES, I HAVE TO PEE!

Since this is all about the safety and security of my homeland, WHY DOES ALL OF THIS MAKE ME FEEL SO UNSAFE AND UNSECURE???  Think about it, folks!!!!

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