Monday, June 27, 2011

Cheezy is as Cheezy does

Well, it's been a minute since I had an opportunity to opine on my girlfriend Jan Tanner, Vice President of the Colorado Springs School District 11 Board of Educators.

Those who have followed my blog for a while already know that I tend to be less than complimentary whenever the topic is Mrs. Tanner...and the video below is simply yet another piece of damning evidence as to why.

Wow, Jan...the $16,000 you owe me is loooong past due -- said amount a mere 10% pittance of the $160,000 you earned off of Colorado Springs taxpayers during the 2008-2009 school year alone, thanks to the lucrative no-bid deal that you failed to disclose and have had in place since 1999 to provide lunchroom pizza for School District 11.

Wassa matter Jan....did you already blaze through that cool $MILLION$?  Have hard times hit the Tanner Clan?

It figures -- school's out for the summer...and since you voted to eliminate summer school, there's no pupil penny pocket lining going on; I can only imagine that it is your terrible *want* during the hot, dry summer months that's led you to shake down a regular peon for his pennies.

Um, Jan...haven't you ever heard of CheckRite?  They're really adept at bounced-check collections...or is it just that you're a lawyer-happy, sue-happy shrew?

Not nearly as good looking as the Blackzilla villainess Naomi Campbell, but just as bitchy, and thrice as cheesy:  Ol' UnderHand Jan hasn't changed an iota...still Inflating Dough the old fashioned way:  USURY.

I understand, Jan:

1) with SDS comin' down the pike whether we like it or not, you're doomed with the rest of us to see our electricity bills sharply increase;

2) that ugly-ass Prius in which you gad about town whilst wearing your ugly pizza-stained frocks probably ain't as easy or cheap to charge as the more commonplace Barbie Jeep owned by the common man; and

3) you probably need to come up with some quick, easy, cold, hard cash to finance the gold-lame clown costume you'll be sporting during this year's Pride Parade -- that's what you get for banking on "Poor Richard" Skorman to give you the Leftist's Discount; business is business, after all, and those used duds cost good money.

Cheezy is as Cheezy Does.

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