Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pride Week!!! Hate-crime hypocrisy

A strong city doesn't accept intolerance;

neither, then, should a strong and free press...


In response to Pula Davis' July 13, 2011 OUR VIEW:

Mayor should make a strong statement against hate
'Strong city' doesn't accept intolerance

spydra wrote at 2:02 AM on July 14, 2011

Pula sure comes across as a lopsided hypocrite; case in point:

"I have allowed several users and ‘pastor’ to bicker back and forth
for several months now. Recently it has gotten to the point that
those conversations are dominating the comments area. Take this
offline or your users will be blocked from participation. I have
had several complaints from other users." -Pula

"Why was I the only one mention in your comment and the only one
that is being blocked?" -Pastor

"You are NOT the only one. There are others. I noticed no change
from any of the users so I have taken the appropriate action. These
personal conversations have got to cease. That is not the purpose
of the comments area." -Pula

"Well then what must I do to get reinstated?" -Pastor

"There is no process to get reinstated. When a user is blocked for
violation of our standards, they are simply blocked from
participating. Please stop peppering me with emails." -Pula

* * * * * * * *

Pastor's Christian perception & commentary content often cause many
a feeling of unease, who then vindictively highlight and needlessly
correct his spelling errors. But whether or not you agree with him,
has not Pastor been a rule-abiding, enduring, active participant and  
noteworthy contributor to these comment pages?

Pula asserts that "ours is an inclusive community that will not
tolerate despicable crimes against any group or individual."

Well, then, I ask the following questions, not just of Pula, but of
us all: is Pastor's banishment justified? If so, how and why? Why is
Pula - a representative of our nation's free press - denying Pastor
his right to free speech?

I don't care if I'm the only one to advocate for him publicly, or
if my words here lead to my own banishment; Pula's decision is
entirely unwarranted..a humiliating and public muzzling meant to
punish Pastor for his offensive strength of conviction..and I pray
for its reversal.


  1. Spydra, where did your posts about this at the Gazette go? They seem to have disappeared.

  2. Good for you!!! Everyone has a voice and a paper should let every voice be heard. Colo. Springs Gazette has always muzzled people and some of the stories they print are not truthful. I'm sorry they are picking on your Pastor, shame on them.