Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pride Week!!! Queering US

originally posted 5/9/2011
warning..immature adultish content

My husband and I were talking the other day, when the topic landed on "homophobia."

I asked:  "Why, if you give voice to the philosophy that gay is NOT ok, are you automatically 'homophobic?'"

He said:  "Because there's nothing to fear...why be afraid of some guy's dick up your butt -- or some guy's dick up your son's butt....?"

Nothing scary about that, right?

I'm sorry, but...I'm a gal...and I still fear some guy's dick up my butt.

Well, I might be adding and/or changing some of these videos, but here's some of the real, and some of the pretend, for fun and education...and I'll let you guys decide which is which.

It's Ok to be Gay

Alphabet Song

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