Monday, July 18, 2011

There goes the neighborhood

Update:  After the mother was seen throwing garbage out of her second-floor window...and her adorable boys were caught urinating in and around the laundry room, the family was issued two warnings; one last strike, and they're out.  There's a much nicer couple who live down the way, and they had me over for a very delicious lunch yesterday.

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Hi guys -- been a while.  I am moved to write you today by my new Saudi Arabian neighbors.

We live in a large apartment complex, with lots of different people, from lots of different countries.

But the Saudis are unique. They moved in coincident with two other Saudi Arabian families, each with just as many children. Living in three different buildings, together these newcomers form a terrible triangle; in the three weeks they've been here, my whole world has changed.

I'm gonna apologize in advance, because surely someone will take offense, and I don't want a bomb to detonate at my place...but these folks is *crazy*.

There is nothing at all familiar about their native tongue, which they scream and hiss loudly at all hours of the day and night.

There seem to be like 10 people living in the apartment next door.


There is the father...who reminds me of the prison guard on Midnight Express:


    There's the mother...who reminds me of the old woman here:

There are the two teenage daughters who rarely step outside, two pre-pubescent boys, a boy of five or six, and toddler girl; who knows, there may be others.

Several times a day, they prop up a makeshift tent along the streetside sidewalk, and gather together to squat and squawk loudly, glowering at passers-by; I don't see any praying going on.  When the time comes, they pick up their tent and leave their trash to blow all across the complex grounds.

It would appear they wash their laundry in the tub, and then hang it from the outsides of their windows.

The boys are utterly out of control...jumping up and down to break the pool furniture before hurling the pieces into the water...all the while, cackling maniacally.

They cook food on the super-hot picnic table tops...and I can't say any of it looks familiar or particularly appetizing; a man offered some to my husband, who took it and ate it and spent the rest of the day ill...unable to describe what it may have been or how it even tasted.

At night, they scream at one another, banging up hard against the walls; in the middle of the night, the mother wakes up the children and begins slapping and shouting at them; it doesn't take a linguist to understand when the toddler cries out in fear before a loud *smack*.  Screaming, hollering, more shouting....

"SHADDUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shout at the top of my lungs, and all is still.

A few of the boys walk about wearing rapper-style clothing...rapping along with Ghost Killa in Arabic ESL Ebonic.  "Tell yo beetch to STEP OFFA MAH DEEK!"

They go up to other apartment buildings, and just *take* things...bicycles, big wheels, baby strollers...and then walk away, either keeping or destroying the items they stole. Yesterday, one of the little boys got caught stealing another kid's bike..and all of the American kids turned on him..."FIGHT, FIGHT, AN ARAB AND A WHITE" style.

The brat ran home and fetched his enormous father, who began shouting...cursing in Arabic and in English that all of the girls in the group were "Fat Beetches" and "Fat Whores!" 

"I'll keek your ass!!!" he shouted at the boys. 

Someone called the police, who were almost instantly on the scene. 

The mother stalked out; one of the "fat beetches" tried to be nice, telling the woman, "It's not you, it's your husband; you are too good for him."  I laughed silently -- living next door to them has convinced me they're made for one another.  A sudden and irrational thought crossed my mind that the Arab woman might spit on me, and I step aside; I wasn't going to include that at first, but found it too interesting when I happened across the video below.

I listened under the window of their apartment...and tell you with all honesty, that fool spoke *perfect* English to the cops.

These people act as though they were born in a barn; a caustic friend pointed out, "they're called 'mangers' there."

Whatever you wanna call it; these folks is STRAIGHT GHETTO, Y'ALL.  My son said they were "The Negroes of the New Age" but that's a slap to all blacks.

It's hard for me to look at these people in any way other than odd and foreign and terrifying.

I just had to share this information with you.

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