Saturday, December 10, 2011

Making the shoe fit

From the
State lawmakers act like this is the equivalent of winning a million-dollar suit against a homeless guy: Good luck getting the money. What do you think? /roeder

Education money still MIA despite court victory

Well, the analogy *almost* fits.

"Colorado officials said the ruling could cost an additional $4 billion a year and require a tax increase, even after voters turned down a $3 billion statewide school funding plan on the November ballot."

So those lawmakers aren't acting; no doubt they feel like kids about to be let loose in a candy store by their doting Uncle Sam, even though and after Mom firmly and repeatedly said "No.".

Depending on how things work out in court, Colorado taxpayers should prepare to be levied a new and/or increased tax - one with big enough teeth to chomp a $4 billion bite out of our billfolds EACH YEAR...while our kids keep getting dumber - IN SPITE of all the cash we keep throwing at the school house.

Oh well: at least we may all rest comfortably in knowing that despite being functionally illiterate and incapable of everyday math, our all-inclusive, bully-free young'uns will enjoy a world-class sex education. And if our kids need some hands-on homework help, who knows? They just might luck into some one-on-one mentoring sessions with a recognized expert in sexology.

Not only will our daughters be able to roll condoms onto cucumbers with one hand, but they'll be able to get someone 18 or older to buy them the morning-after pill just in case the condom breaks and they wind up pregnant after an exploratory play-date with their transsexual BFF Alice goes awry.

The extended forecast for central Obamalama? Considering the stationary front of unemployment shrouding the state, and the torrential downpour of single-family home foreclosures, most of us should expect to see continued stormy weather.

It's actually the equivalent of winning a $4 billion lawsuit against a bunch of unemployed homeless families living barefoot under bridges...and even though the analogous shoe fits about 3.9 billion sizes too small, we're all gonna have to squeeze our feet into it anyway...for our long, painful walk in the rain.

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