Thursday, December 29, 2011

USOC: Extra Special Olympics

Fierce Iguanian Olympian on the Table Tennis event

Dunno if y'all have heard the great news - 
pole dancing may soon become the next Olympic sporting event!
What's next for the noble Olympic brand, huh?
Olympic Staring?
Olympic Sitting?
Olympic Runway Catwalk?
Olympic Checkers?
Olympic Pissing Contest?
I could go on and on!
What are *you* good at?
Dream big - go faster, higher, stronger
And you just might find your smiling mug on the next Wheaties box!
After the video, please enjoy a photomontage of actual Olympic events, some of which have been (wiselydiscontinued, and others that are still happening.

If horses can be in, why not iguanas?
If motor boats can be in, why not trains?
When will high-speed blog-bitching earn a little hard-earned and well-deserved respect, HUH??

Olympic Motorboating, by Zeus!
Can the bar even get any lower?
Some very stupid and shady sh*t, if you ask me.

The USOC will make the perfect team when Olympic Grifting becomes an event -- gold medalists, all the way.

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