Thursday, December 1, 2011

So close to home

My apologies for the technical difficulties.
I think my brain is breaking...some of the information I've learned lately is simply, breathtakingly awful...and y'all need to know about it. So, expect a flurry of posts on disturbingly current events, some with my commentary, others not. I urge you to read and/or watch everything I post in the next several days.

This is an image of one of several disturbing murals found at Denver International Airport.
If you haven't already read my post Three:  Revelation, I urge you to do so
Some of what I wrote in that post even struck me as a little far-fetched...
but not after the things I learned yesterday

Check out these videos on Operation Mountain Guardian - this drill took place just a few months ago, and right up the way.

Listen, friends: after some good old fashioned shock and awe, the plan is to snatch our children from their public schools, and round them up inside of "processing centers" for "reunification" with their families.

Richard Skorman could tell us more about the processing centers, as he was the principal in charge of processing Hurricane Katrina survivors here in Colorado Springs; if memory serves me correctly, the processing center was right over there off Cimino America the Beautiful Park.
You know what, y'all...with each passing day, I become more and more fearless. If I'd have had the means, I'd have been right there...camping'...tree-climbing...smooth-talking, dumb-blonding (blonde is a state of mind, dontcha know)...wig-wearing, flirting, charming, conning my way behind the lines...risking my own life and liberty to capture eye-witness footage of it all and make it available to you.
So, I'm just gonna put this out there, on account of it's the Christmas season:
My husband's boss works him 36.5 hours per week - just under full-time - and though he's been there for five years and was "promoted" to "assistant night manager", his rate of pay is only $8 per hour.  

Yeah, that's what I said - $8 an hour; they're getting ready to raise minimum wage up to $7.75, aren't they? So his employer can barely afford to pay him more, because he has to pay all the newbies just as much; and my husband is afraid to make waves or look for greener pastures, since jobs are scarce and he's happy at his job.
I'd get a job, too; I have a kick-butt resume and type 125 wpm - I never have a problem finding a job...I just have trouble getting to and from the job with only the bus (too expensive) and my two feet (too time-restrictive), especially since I have to be there when the kids get out of school. My husband rides a bike to work in the afternoon and from work at night - a four-mile journey - come rain, sleet, snow or shine.

If only our car was legal...
$100 - two months automobile insurance for a 1988 Subaru
$100 - resolve a minor title issue with my car
$50 - registration for my car
$250 - nice camcorder with zoom lens

What I'm saying is that $500 would have Spydra on the road, on the scene, reporting live...and would help me, my husband and our four children in tremendous, untold and manifold ways.
Spydra's Web is an outpouring of my love and concern for you all, and I'll continue weaving for as long as I am able, with or without the $500.  But with that said, I do believe that time for America as we know it is short; time for the journalists who are documenting America's demise is even shorter. I don't have a handbell and a kettle...but if any of you find yourselves appreciating the things I write about, the research I do, and the information I provide...maybe - just *maybe* or some of you with the financial means to do so will consider being my personal angel(s).
I pray the Holy Spirit might move you to contribute to this worthwhile cause.
- s

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