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Well, I struggled with breaking this story; the "Brenda Starr" in me wanted to drive way, way, way out east, rent a horse and take a long ride out in the countryside with my Kodachrome camera.  But God told me this story is too urgent to delay on the fragile hope that some Good Samaritan Spydra-fan might help get the girl reporter mobile.

(After all, not counting the times I've politely requested Jan Tanner to pay me the $16 grand she owes me, I've only asked for money twice on my blog - once in 2009 and again a few days ago; as of this writing, both occasions failed to provoke so much as even a nibble.  Honestly, though...I really feel I've done some *hella* good web weaving...and provided some cutting-edge information that's been ignored in major media outlets.  Geez...the Gazette gets almost a dollar per paper, and for WHAT?  If for every hit my blog received I earned one thin dime...all I can say is my whole family would drop down on our knees, staggered with gratitude.  

 Considering that Krugerands are being dropped into Salvation Army kettles, and some of the woebegone "Will work for food" sign-holders are taking home $200 under the table *daily* maybe I should get me a bell and go beg at an interstate onramp... holding a sign that says:  "Kick-Ass Spider-Writer For Hire - Will Write for Fetus-Free Food, Resomate-Free Water, and Love of Country" in great big capital letter calligraphy.  Gonna have to work on my sign slogan tho - 'tis a tad bulky... )  

I was talking to a young friend of mine last year about America the Beautiful Park.  "Who cares, Miss Spydra?  Why are you so curious?  Why do you ask so many questions?  Nobody cares..."

And I said, "Well, you just do me a favor:  if you ever find yourself driving around and notice something unusual - say, like new cameras going up at intersections, etc. - promise Auntie Spydra that you'll tell her all about it."

So in the May/June 2011 timeframe, he did just that.  I didn't recognize the significance of the story he told me until just recently.  I'm going to type down just what he told me.

 By the Ordway prison out in east Pueblo, off of one of the roads behind the prison, I saw road signs that were written in Chinese.  I saw a "brand new train" that was loaded with some kind of piping; each pipe was 20 to 30 feet long, and of such a diameter that only two could fit on each car.   It was the whole train - the pipes were the only thing it was carrying - and the train was at least 75 cars  long.   The train was moving the whole time.

The road we were traveling was right next to the train track that starts at Fort Carson and leads down out east of town - if you follow that track out it leads to an "Army base" and then runs all the way down to Texas, where "the other big Army base" is located.   They were moving something to the base, which is surrounded all around by high fencing that is topped with razor wire.  

So, I mentioned what Friend A said to unrelated Friend B a couple of days ago; Friend B lives out in Yoder, and shared with me the following:  

About three months ago, I was traveling north from Texas to Colorado along Colorado Road 56, near Eads; there, I also came upon road signs written in Chinese.  There are new railroad tracks being laid out there, and several places where it appeared that water was being pumped into the ground.  

I have never witnessed such a strong police presence in all my life. we were too afraid to stop for any reason, as there were police-like security forces stationed everywhere for miles around; indeed, it seemed there were several towns set up to house just the police force out there, complete with water tanks, etc.

One thing a lot of people aren't aware of in that area is the significant immigration problem; whatever the railroad project going on out there, it appeared that immigrants were doing the bulk of the labor...and most of them appeared to be Asian.   

Listen, folks:  all of this stuff basically abuts Banning-Lewis Ranch.  What's going on out there on Banning-Lewis Ranch, exactly?  It's such a large expanse, it's hard to tell, actually...and I noticed that the images on Google Earth and other such programs seem to have deliberately blurred or otherwise obfuscated details.

All you have to do is start at the America the Beautiful Park Eye of Horus, and look out directly east...past the airport, past Schriever, and you'll begin to notice large crater-like formations dotting the earth - it almost looks as though they've been hit by meteors or something.

Patriots, you have been warned by the spider.  Something major is taking place right now, hidden in not-so-plain sight out in the middle of nowhere.  It's happening all across the country all around us, and right smack dab in our own back yard.  

Time is short friends - I expect major and worldwide upheaval...the likes of which we have never before occur within the next 6 to 9 months in conjunction with the Olympics.

God bless and protect you and yours.

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  1. do you know what part of colorado this happened becase i too have seen this many times