Thursday, September 9, 2010


One time, a teacher called me "dummy," because no matter how much time he gave me, I just couldn't add things up. 

Maybe he was right. I feel like a dummy for still believing in the basic goodness of man, and the love for my hometown, and the hope for our nation.

Do you know the real reason I pray for my Evil District #11 Boyfriend? This is why: because during a Board meeting once, he almost said "Thank God", and caught himself -- saying "Thank Gosh" instead; anyone who has come to know the Lord recognizes this as the sign of a new believer who is teaching himself not to take His name in vain...and a tendril of forgiveness sprang forth and took root in my heart.

It is dumb of me.

He's the one who's on the City's Sustainable Funding Committee. He's the reason why I can't catch a bus after 6:00 p.m. and on weekends. He's the one who closed the pools. He's the one who holds the purse strings. He's the one who shut down Adams. He's the one who approved the District's advertising arrangement with Small Smiles. He's the one who brought Jan Tanner on board. He's the one who still rubs elbows and scratches backs with Hasling and Gudvangen. He's the one who artificially controls the perfect "climate" at Doherty. He's the one beholden to the teacher's union that enables Herbst to skate after years of being mean to this and that child. He's the one who really knows what's up with the restraint and seclusion practices in place at the District. He's the one who colludes with DHS to take children from their families. He's the one who's really in charge at the District.  His is the face of the shooter calling all the shots against the poor and the meek...and he's the one who couldn't care less about me and mine.

I imagine that he regularly reads what I write, and has had occasion to muse upon my backhanded coquette; that it might one day move him to be my own personal Schindler...making a decision to help me without benefit to himself.

But it's all unrequited; it's all just imaginary.

Let's face it; he closed down his own middle school.  Who knows what kind of tool he really is.  He was probably a member of the America the Beautiful Park design charrette's airborne division.

He's part of it all.  Like a fool, I continue to give him the benefit of the doubt...and like a dipshit, I won't recognize his true nature until I see him riding off into the sunset eating pizza after having thrown me and mine under the bus.

Gosh darn it, some people never learn.

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