Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Have you heard....

And a little bird just told me some very, very good news:

Ms. Herbst is being allowed to retire. 

What, WHAT, fools, WHAT!??!  Do a DANCEShake that thang!!!!!!!

There is no message in the song I've embeded -- I've already told you before, I am famous for my wrong-word song-singing; I don't have a clue what Ice Cube is rapping about.  All I know is this song makes me get all Jungle about things, makes me wanna kick off my shoes and put on a grass skirt and scary mask and start dancing around a fire with a spear....you know:  makes me wanna get that way that makes Jungle Jan Tanner start trembling about the worrisome, restless natives.

It IS the way I feel, right now, as I think about shooting rubber-bands at the departing Ms. Herbst. 

See Ya!  Wouldn't Want To Be Ya!

And not to take full responsibility...or any, for that matter....but for what it's worth, I've just put another hashmark in Spydra's win column.

Turn it up, or turn it down...whatever your environment may be...but feel it...and say "yeah yeah" with me people.


  1. Can you show us any thing that verifies this?

  2. Typical of the current D11 administrations predilection to put the concern of, what appears to be someone in Administrations friend, over that of student safety, they have been excessively quiet regarding this issue. My information comes from an unsolicited verbalization from a current teaching staff member who does not want to be named, who received the information verbally from the building Principal, along with the rest of the staff. As such, this information is preliminary, and could change, however, as it stands now, Delores Herbst is not slated to return to the classroom as the regular teacher.

  3. Who is Mrs Herbst?

  4. She is the teacher that's discussed in the following articles: "All Tied Up At Bates", "Mr. Wasden", "Mr. Jail", "Read All About It" and "The Ending of the End"