Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mr. Jail

I will be adding to these videos, and will post the actual audio recording of the District's conversation with the subject child ASAP. 

Let me remind everyone that Ms. Herbst is a regular third grade teacher; she is not a special education teacher.  The class was not a special needs class, and the child is not a special needs student. 

It is my understanding that the child was wearing shorts during the incident, which involved several #84 rubber bands -- google them, they are a standard office supply.

Mrs. Herbst taught kindergarten at Bates about ten years ago.

I came across the following videos while searching for information about "public school seclusion and restraint"...check it out for yourself.  Apparently special needs children (including ADHD) are at risk of routine exposure to these "aversive discipline" practices and have been for at least a decade. More and more incidences are occuring in healthy children, sometimes resulting in death.

It's sometimes called a "time out room"...and as the first child calls it, "Mr. Jail."

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  1. It was actually about #16 rubber bands like regular rubber bands, but if you saw them tied together as they were as we did during the interview, it was actually worse.