Thursday, September 30, 2010


To all my readers:

Despite my severe "mathematical learning difference," ever since becoming Spydra, I've had the uncanny knack of instantly recognizing patterns divisible by 8.

It is, apparently, one of the minor spider super-powers.

I'll beg pardon of whomever happens to be waiting patiently for me, whilst I count out the pattern...whispering the numbers out-loud so as not to lose my place and have to start over.

"Aha! 32! I knew it! A quadruple spider!!!" Feeling very smart for knowing the right answer to the question: "What is four times eight?"

And having thus been counted and determined as belonging to the order of the spider...whatever the item becomes the object of my absolute arachnid admiration.

In the year that it's been up, Spydra's Web has received 8000 hits, rendering me a kilo-spider -- and I cannot adequately describe the honor.

Though often's the time I find myself the storied starving artist, I simply cinch my belt and press on...
trusting that God will see a way to keep a roof over my head,
thanking Him for the mighty pen He placed into my hand and grateful for the words He put into my mouth

for pondering the outpourings of my opal spider mind
I also thank you, whither be ye friend or foe --
you read my words and feed my soul

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