Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I cannot believe that I am just recently learned of the man Alan Keyes, and I'm a Black American -- as an American.  This man needs no teleprompter, he speaks with fervor...and surely, he speaks for me.

Keyes is a statesman who loves our country, and has the intelligence and diplomatic skills to lead us.  This man is a true leader; this man is a true American; this man is everything Americans should truly want in our leader.  Why isn't Alan Keyes the President of the United States of America?!?

Oh well, I know why.  We all do.

Keyes is too black for White America.

Let's face it -- whites are the majority in our nation, and so the white vote is the strongest; the white vote counts the most.

Sure, he might "talk white" -- as though proper speech can be so deemed; Keyes has a far better command of the English language than most people of every skin color.

And yeah, he might "act white" -- whatever that means.  Grace, good manners, tact, diplomacy -- all characteristics that are wanting in us all, black, white or otherwise.

But while he easily outshines every politician in his midst -- black, white, or otherwise -- Keyes is simply too black for white America...and for black America, and for all America.

This is the proof that racism remains alive and well in our nation -- that the people would freely and of their own volition choose as their leader the "light-skinned" imitation American over the darker-hued real red, white and blue.

And we all stand idly by and watch as our country slips from our grasp.

Shame, SHAME, shame on us all!

I guess we get what we give.

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  1. I love that little speech he gave and could not agree with it more! Our country's founding forefathers would be proud of him!

    -- Sandi