Monday, March 7, 2011


You know y'all...I was basing some of my statements and contentions on something Carol McGraw wrote:

Carol McGraw wrote on March 3, 2011:

"The agreement covers issues such as student discipline, stipends, post-employment benefits and board of education rights."

I misinterpreted that sentence, and the Board of Education policies that I said were on the table are not.  Please forgive me, because it is not at all or ever my intention to mislead anyone.

AND BELIEVE ME, my heart is broken in places over it; indeed, I ache over this realization, as well as an unpleasant exchange I shared in the comments section of the Gazette with someone named "ateacher", a person who has unfairly skewed my words, their meaning and my intent.

So, I love teachers, OK?   Especially all of the teachers who teach my kids...I think you all are great, I think the principals are great, the school's great...I have no complaints about the education my children are receiving. 

My beef is always with Admin, OK?  Just so's that you know.

love you

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  1. spydra, nice of you to apologize, but I'll bet ateacher would never consider doing the same. Keep in mind that "loving a teacher" does not mean that you have to love the union which they so adamantly defend. This union is dangerous to the future of our kids. These teachers, who won't hesitate to trash you for demanding a quality education for your kids, won't raise their voices towards this union beast, WHICH TAKES THEIR MONEY, when this union beast blocks reforms that would help our kids. Stay classy as always, but don't back down to the thugs.