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Policy Soup

The title of this post is re-heated from 2009's Mrs. Monk and the Alphabet Soup; the body of this post is simply District 11's alphabetical policy listing, for your ease of reference...and wow, the links in the first column are operational, so you can study each policy from here as well.

A quick aside:  I thought it was worth noting that the Weld County School District and the Brush School District in well as the Floyd School District in Virginia and the Sturgeon Bay School District in Michigan have policies that seem to mirror District 11's exactly...not merely in naming convention but in content as well.  Take it for what it's worth.

A Foundations and Basic Commitments (Back to Section List)
AASchool District Legal Status
ACNondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity
AC-REmployee Discrimination Harassment Reporting and Investigation Procedures
ADEducational Philosophy/School District Mission
AD-1Educational Philosophy/School District M"ission
ADC-JICGTobacco-Free Schools
ADC-GBEDTobacco-Free District
ADDSafe Schools
ADD-E-1Safe Schools Plan
ADD-E-2Safe Schools Reporting
ADD-E-3Threat Assessment Protocol
ADEStrategic Planning Focused on Continuous Improvement
ADFDistrict Wellness
AEAccountability/Commitment to Accomplishment
AE-R-1District Advisory Accountability Committee (Bylaws)
AE-R-2Building Advisory Accountability Committees (Guidelines)
AE-EAccountability Process Timeline
AECAccomplishment Reporting to the Public
B School Board Governance and Operations (Back to Section List)
BASchool Board of Education Operational Objectives and Functions
BAAEvaluation of School Board/Board Self-Evaluation
BBSchool Board Legal Status -- BOARD BYLAWS
BBASchool Board Powers and Duties
BBAABoard Member Authority and Responsibilities
BBBBBoard Member Oath of Office
BBBG-RElections - Canvass of Votes and Certification
BBBCBoard Member Resignation/Removal From Office -- BOARD BYLAWS
BBBEUn-expired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies -- BOARD BYLAWS
BBBGBoard Elections -- BOARD BYLAWS
BCSchool Board Member Conduct
BCABoard Member Code of Ethics
BCBBoard of Education Member Conflict of Interest
BCCImproper Conduct of Board Members
BDAOrganization of the Board of Education -- BOARD BYLAWS
BDBBoard Officers -- BOARD BYLAWS
BDCAppointed Board Officials -- BOARD BYLAWS
BDDBoard-Superintendent Relationship
BDFAdvisory Committees
BDFADistrict Personnel Performance Evaluation Council
BDFBVocational Advisory Council
BDFDDistrict Drug Abuse Education and Prevention Advisory
BDFEDistrict Insurance Committee
BDFGAudit Advisory Committee
BDFHNutrition and Physical Activity Advisory Committee
BDF-RAdvisory Committees
BDGSchool Attorney/Legal Services
BE/BEA/BEB/BFSchool Board Meetings/Regular Meetings/Special Meetings/Work Sessions--BOARD BYLAWS
BE/BEA/BEB/BF-EGuidelines for Board of Education Efficiency And Effectiveness
BECExecutive Sessions/Open Meetings -- BOARD BYLAWS
BEDAPublic Notification of Board Meetings -- BOARD BYLAWS
BEDDRules of Order -- BOARD BYLAWS
BEDE-E-1Citizens Comments Process
BEDHPublic Participation at Board Meetings
BEDH-RPublic Participation at Board Meetings
BEDINews Media Services at Board Meetings
BEDJBroadcasting/Taping of Board Meetings
BGSchool Board Policy Process
BHCBoard Communications with Staff
BHCABoard-Staff Meet and Confer Process (Support Staff)
BHCA-RBoard-Staff Meet and Confer Process
BIANew Board Member Orientation
BIBASchool Board Conferences, Conventions and Workshops
BID/BIEBoard Member Compensation and Expenses/Insurance/Liability
BID-BID-EMaster Expense And Reimbursement Request Form
BJAState Legislative Program
BKSchool Board Memberships
C General School Administration (Back to Section List)
CBSchool Superintendent
CBDSuperintendent's Contract
CBFA-ESuperintendent Ethics
CBIEvaluation of Superintendent
CBIAPublic Inspection of Superintendent's Evaluation
CCAdministrative Organization
CCBLine and Staff Relations
CCB-RLine and Staff Relations
CEAdministrative Councils, Cabinets and Committees
CEAAdministrative Advisory Committees
CEA-RAdministrative Advisory Committees
CEBJoint Council (Also GBDA)
CFSchool Building Administration
CFBEvaluation of Principals/Building Administrators
CFB-REvaluation of Principals/Building Administrators
CFBAEvaluation of Evaluators
CGDState and Federal Programs Administration
CHPolicy Implementation
CHCAHandbooks and Directives
CHDAdministration in the Absence of Policy
CKAdministrative Consultants
CLResearch/Administrative Reports
D Fiscal Management (Back to Section List)
DABFiscal Management Responsibilities
DB/DBBAnnual Budget/Fiscal Year
DBCBudget Planning, Preparation and Schedules
DBC-RBudget Planning, Preparation and Schedules
DBC-EDeadlines in Budgeting Process Set by Statute
DBDDetermination of Budget Priorities
DBD-RDetermination of Budget Priorities
DBE/DBFCommunication of Budget Recommendations/Budget Hearings and reviews
DBGBudget Adoption
DBGABudget Referenda
DBIBudget Implementation
DBJBudget Transfers
DBJ-RBudget Transfers
DCTaxing and Borrowing
DDGrants Management
DD-EGrant Applications and Organization
DD-R-1Grants Applications
DD-R-2Grants Administration
DEBAIncentive Payments to Taxpayers
DEBA-RIncentive Payments to Taxpayers
DECFunds from Federal Tax Sources
DFAAXRStatement of Investment Procedures
DFA/DFAAInvestment of District Funds
DFDAFree Admissions
DFERoyalties (Computer Software)
DFGRevenues Generated from School or District Activities
DFG-RRevenues Generated from School or District Activities
DFG-ERevenues Generated from School or District Activities
DGBanking Services (And Deposit of Funds)
DGA/DGBAuthorized Signatures/Check-Writing Services
DHBonded Employees and Officers
DIFiscal Accounting and Reporting
DICFinancial Reports and Statements
DIDGeneral Fixed Assets - Inventories
DID-RGeneral Fixed Assets - Inventory - Regulations
DID-E-1Receipt for Donated Assets - Form
DID-E-2Fixed Assets Disposition Form
DID-E-3Equipment and Material Form
DIEAudits/Financial Monitoring
DIFFinancial Obligations
DJPurchasing and Contracting
DJGVendor Relations
DKPayment Procedures
DKAPayroll Procedures/Schedules
DKBSalary Deductions
DKCExpense Authorization/Reimbursement
DLBTax-Sheltered Annuities
DMCash in School Buildings
DM-RCash in School Buildings (Safes and Safe Combinations)
DNSchool Properties Disposition
DN-RSchool Properties Disposition
E Support Services (Back to Section List)
EBSafety Program
EB-RSafety Program
EBABHazardous Materials
EBAB-RHazardous Materials
EBBBAccident Reports
EBC-RAccident Prevention and Safety Procedures (Fire)
EBCADisaster Plans
EBCBSafety Drills
EBCCBomb Threats
EBCD-RWeather-Related Emergencies
EBCESchool Closings and Cancellations
EBCE-RSchool Closings and Cancellations
EBCE-XRSchool Closing and Cancellations
ECBuildings/Grounds/Property Management
ECA/ECABSecurity/Access to Buildings
ECAB-RAccess to Buildings (Keys)
ECADSchool and Personal Property Replacement/Restitution
ECBBuildings and Grounds Maintenance
ECB-RBuildings and Grounds Maintenance
ECFEnergy Management Conservation
EDA-RMaterials and Equipment Receiving and Warehousing
EDCAuthorized Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment
EDC-RAuthorized Use of School-Owned Materials or Equipment
EEAStudent Transportation
EEAAWalkers and Riders
EEAA-RWalkers and Riders
EEAA-ETransportation Service Evaluation Form
EEABSpecial Education Student Transportation
EEACBus Scheduling and Routing
EEAC-RBus Scheduling and Routing
EEAEBus Safety Program
EEAEABus Driver Requirements, Training and Responsibilities
EEAEAAControlled Substances and Alcohol Testing and Prohibited Conduct
EEAEAA-RControlled Substances and Alcohol Testing and Prohibited Conduct
EEAECStudent Conduct on School Buses
EEAEC-RStudent Conduct on School Buses Mandatory Rules
EEAFBUse of School Buses by Community Groups
EEAFB-RUse of School Buses by Community Groups
EEAGStudent Transportation in Private Vehicles
EEAG-RStudent Transportation in Private Vehicles
EEAHStudent Transportation Insurance
EFFood Services
EF-RFood and Nutrition Service
EGADCopyright Compliance
EGAEMail and Delivery Service
EHCElectronic Communication and Access
EHC-E-1Acceptable Use Agreement for Students -Elementary
EHC-E-2Acceptable Use Agreement for Students -Middle
EHC-E-3Acceptable Use Agreement for Students -High
EHC-E-4Electronic Communications and Access Parent/Guardian Opt out Declaration
EHC-E-5Acceptable Use Agreement for Staff
EHC-E-6Computer Laptop Letter of Agreement
EHC-E-8Addendum to Student Acceptable User Agreement for Student e-mail
EHDTechnology Self Help Program
EHD-RTechnology Self Help Program
EIInsurance Program/Risk Management (and Self-Insurance)
El-RInsurance Program/Risk Management - Regulations
EIBLiability Insurance
F Facilities Planning and Development (Back to Section List)
FBFacilities Planning
FCBClosing Schools
FDDebt Financing of Capital Investment
FDABond Elections
FENew Educational Facilities Construction and Remodeling
FE-RNew Educational Facilities Construction and Remodeling
FE-EBuilding Development Advisory Committee
FEBConstruction Related Professional Services
FEGConstruction Contracts, Bidding and Awards
FEGBContractors' Affidavits and Guarantees
FEHSupervision of Construction
FEH-RSupervision of Construction (Change Orders)
FEKFacilities Self Help Program
FEK-RFacilities Self Help Program Regulations
FFNaming Facilities
FF-RNaming a Facility
G Personnel (Back to Section List)
GAPersonnel Goals/Priority Objectives
GBAOpen Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
GBAASexual Discrimination and Harassment
GBAA-RSexual Harassment (Grievance Procedure)
GBBStaff Involvement in Decision making
GBDBoard Communications with Staff (Also BHC)
GBDAJoint Council (Also CEB)
GBDBBoard-Staff Meet and Confer Process
GBDB-RBoard-Staff Meet and Confer Process
GBEStaff Rights and Responsibilities
GBEAStaff Ethics/Conflict of Interest/Employment of Relatives
GBEA-E-1Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest
GBEA-E-2Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest
GBEBStaff Dress Code
GBEB-R-1Food and Nutrition Services Staff Dress Code
GBEB-R-2Facilities, Operations, and Transportation Staff Dress Code
GBEBCGifts to and Solicitations by Staff
GBECDrug-Free Workplace (Drug and Alcohol Use by Staff Members)
GBGAStaff Health
GBGBStaff Personal Security and Safety
GBGB-RStaff Personal Security and Safety
GBGDWorkers' Compensation
GBGFFamily and Medical Leave
GBGF-RFamily and Medical Leave Regulation
GBHStaff Participation in Community Activities
GBIStaff Participation in Political Activities
GBJPersonnel Records and Files
GBJ-RPersonnel Records and Files (Personnel Action Form)
GBKStaff Concerns/Complaints/Grievances
GBK-RStaff Concerns/Complaints/Grievances (Support Staff)
GBLStaff Awards and Recognition
GBLASeek and Value Employee's Suggestions (SAVES)
GBLA-RSeek and Value Employee's Suggestions (SAVES)
GBLA-E-1Seek and Value Employee's Suggestions (SAVES)
GBLA-E-2Seek and Value Employee's Suggestions (SAVES)
GBMStaff Identification Cards
GCAAInstructional Staff Positions
GCABAdministrative Staff Positions
GCBProfessional Staff Contracts and Compensation
GCBAInstructional Staff Contracts/Compensation/Salary Schedules
GCBA-RInstructional Staff Contracts/Compensation/Salary Schedules
GCBA-X-RInstructional Staff Contracts/Compensation/Salary Schedules
GCBBAdministrative Staff Contracts/Compensation/Salary Schedules
GCBB-RAdministrative Staff Contracts/Compensation/Salary Schedules
GCBBBAdministrative Staff Experience and Longevity Program
GCBCProfessional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans/Overtime
GCBDProfessional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCCProfessional Staff Leaves and Absences
GCCA/GCCAAInstructional Staff Leaves and Absences/Sick Leave
GCCAA-RInstructional Staff Sick Leave (Sick Leave Bank)
GCCABInstructional Staff Personal/Emergency/Legal/Religious Leave
GCCACInstructional Staff Maternity/Paternity/Parental Leave
GCCADInstructional Staff Military Leave
GCCAEInstructional Staff Conferences/Training/Workshops
GCCAE-RInstructional Staff Conferences/Training/Workshops
GCCAFInstructional Staff Sabbaticals
GCCAGInstructional Staff Extended Leave of Absence
GCCAG-RInstructional Staff Extended Leave of Absence
GCCAHInstructional Staff Union Leave
GCCB/ GCCBAAdministrative Staff Leaves and Absences/Sick Leave
GCDBAdministrative Staff Vacations and Holidays
GCE/GCFTeachers and Executive Professionals Recruiting/Hiring and Background Checks
GCE/GCF-RTeachers and Executive Professionals Recruiting/Hiring and Background Checks
GCECPosting and Advertising of Professional Vacancies (Administrators)
GCFCProfessional Staff Certification, Licensing and Credentialing requirements
GCG/GCGAPart-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
GCG-RPart-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
GCHProfessional Staff Orientation and Training
GCIProfessional Staff Development
GCIDProfessional Staff Training, Workshops and Conferences
GCIEProfessional Staff Continuing Education
GCIE-RProfessional Staff Continuing Education
GCKAInstructional Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCKBExecutive/professional employee assignments and transfers
GCLProfessional Staff Schedules and Calendars
GCLALength of Instructional Staff Work Day
GCLBLength of Administrative Staff Work Day
GCLCLength of Instructional Staff School Year
GCLDLength of Administrative Staff Work Year
GCMProfessional Staff Work Load
GCMAProfessional Staff Planning Time
GCMCParent Conferences, Staff Meetings and School Meetings Instructional Staff Extra Duty
GCMDInstructional Staff Extra Days
GCOAEvaluation of Instructional Staff
GCOCEvaluation of Administrative Staff
GCPBDemotion and reclassification of executive/professional employees
GCQProfessional Staff Termination of Employment
GCQAInstructional Staff Reduction in Force
GCQC/GCQDResignation of Instructional Staff/Administrative Staff
GCQERetirement of Professional Staff
GCQFDiscipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff
GCRNon-school Employment of Professional Staff
GCRCStaff Consulting Activities
GCSProfessional Research and Publishing
GCS-RProfessional Research and Publishing
GCTExchange Teaching
GCT-RExchange Teaching
GCUProfessional Staff Membership in Professional and Union Organizations
GCVProfessional Staff Facilities
GDSupport/Classified Staff
GDASupport Staff Positions
GDA-RSupport Staff Positions (Reclassification)
GDBSupport Staff Contracts and Compensation
GDBASupport Staff Salary Schedules
GDBAASupport Staff Experience and Longevity Program
GDBCSupport Staff Supplementary Pay/Overtime
GDBDSupport Staff Fringe Benefits
GDCSupport Staff Leaves and Absences
GDCASupport Staff Sick Leave
GDCA-RSupport Staff Sick Leave (Sick Leave Bank)
GDCBSupport Staff Personal/Emergency/Legal/Religious Leave (And Bereavement Leave)
GDCCSupport Staff Maternity/Paternity/Parental Leave
GDCDSupport Staff Military Leave
GDCESupport Staff Conferences/Visitations/Workshops
GDCGSupport Staff Extended Leave of Absence
GDCHSupport Staff Union Leave
GDDSupport Staff Vacations and Holidays
GDE/GDFEducational Support Professions Recruiting/Hiring and Background Checks
GDE/GDF-REducational Support Professions Recruiting/Hiring and Background Checks
GDEAPosting and Advertising of Support Staff Vacancies
GDGPart-Time and Substitute Support Staff Employment
GDISupport Staff Probation and Seniority
GDJSupport Staff Assignments and Transfers
GDKSupport Staff Schedules and Calendars
GDK-RSupport Staff Schedules and Calendars
GDKALength of Support Staff Work Day
GDKBLength of Support Staff School Year
GDLSupport Staff Work Load
GDMDSupport Staff Continuing Education
GDOEvaluation of Support Staff
GDPSupport Staff Promotions, Demotions and Reclassification
GDQASupport Staff Reduction in Force
GDQBResignation of Support Staff
GDQCRetirement of Support Staff
GDQDDiscipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff
GDSSupport Staff Membership in Professional/Union Organizations
H Negotiations (Back to Section List)
HANegotiations Goals/Priority Objectives
HBNegotiations Legal Status
HCScope of Negotiations
HDNegotiations Style, Methods and Procedures
HHEmployee Negotiating Organizations
HIRights and Responsibilities of Employee Negotiating Organizations
HLPreliminary Negotiated Agreement Disposition
HOImpasse Procedures
HQNegotiated Amendments and Renegotiations Procedures
I Instruction (Back to Section List)
IBAcademic Freedom
IC/ICASchool Year/School Calendar
IDSchool Day
IEOrganization of Instruction
IGACurriculum Development
IGCPilot Projects
IGC-RPilot Projects
IGDCurriculum Adoption
IGECurriculum Guides and Course Outlines
IGFCurriculum Review
IHABasic Instructional Program
IHAIAWork Experience Opportunities
IHALTeaching about Religion
IHAL-RTeaching about Religion
IHAMHealth Education
IHAMATeaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
IHAQCareer/Transition-to-Work Education
IHBASpecial Education/Programs for Handicapped/Disabled/Exceptional Students
IHBAAResponse to Intervention (RtI)
Regulation to Policy IHBAA, Response to Intervention (RtI)
Exhibit 1
Multi Tiered Model
Exhibit 2
 Implementation Plan
IHBBGifted and Talented Education
IHBB-RGifted and Talented Education Regulation
IHBDBTutoring Programs
IHBEAEnglish as a Second Language
IHBFHomebound Instruction
IHBF-RHomebound Instruction
IHBIAKindergarten Programs
IHBIBPrimary/Preprimary Education
IHBJParent Involvement in Title 1 Education
IHBJ-RParent Involvement in Title 1 Education
IHCASummer School
IHCCHonors Program
IHCDAdvanced College Placement
IHCDAPostsecondary Options/Concurrent Enrollment
IHCDA-RPostsecondary Options/Concurrent Enrollment
IHDAdult/Community Education
IHDC-RAdult Vocational/Career Education
IIAGrouping for Instruction
IIA-RGrouping for Instruction
IIBClass Size
IJJInstructional Materials and Textbook Selection and Adoption
IJJ-RInstructional Materials and Textbook Selection and Adoption
IJJ-E-1Administrative Procedures
IJJ-E-2Request for Reconsideration of Content Media 
IJLLibrary Materials Selection Adoption, and Acquisition
IJL-RLibrary Materials Selection Adoption, and Acquisition
IJL-E-1Selection and Reconsideration of Library Materials 
IJL-E-2Election and Reconsideration of Central Library Materials 
IJL-E-3Request for Reconsideration of Library Media
IJNATeacher Aides
IJNCResource Centers/Media Centers/School Library
IJNC-R-1School Library Media Programs
IJNCAProfessional Library
IJNCA-RProfessional Library (Professional Resource Center Selection of Materials)
IJNDTechnology Resources
IJNDBUse of Technology Resources in Instruction
IJOAField Trips
IJOA-RField Trips
IJOCVolunteer Services
IJOC-RVolunteer Services
IJOC-E-1Volunteer Services - Registration Form
IJOC-E-2Volunteer Services - Responsibility Overview
IKAGrading/Assessment Systems
IKABReport Cards/Progress Reports
IKAB-RReport Cards/Progress Reports
IKACAParent Conferences, Staff Meetings and School Meetings (Also GCMC)
IKB-RHomework (Guidelines)
IKC Class Rankings/Grade Point Averages
IKC-RClass Rankings/Grade Point Averages
IKEPromotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students
IKFGraduation Requirements
IKFAEarly Graduation
IKFBGraduation Exercises
ILEvaluation of Instructional Programs
IL-REvaluation of Instructional Programs
ILBADistrict Program Assessments
ILBBState Program Assessments
ILBCLiteracy and Reading Comprehension Assessments         
ILBC-RLiteracy and Reading Comprehension Assessments
IMBTeaching About Controversial/Sensitive Issues
IMB-RTeaching About Controversial/Sensitive Issues
IMBBExemptions from Required Instruction
IMBB-RExemptions from Required Instruction (Physical Education)
IMDSchool Ceremonies and Observances
IMDBFlag Displays
IMDCReligious Observances and Displays
J Students (Back to Section List)
JBEqual Educational Opportunities
JBBSexual Harassment
JBB-RSexual Harassment (Grievance Procedure)
JCSchool Attendance Areas
JC-RSchool Attendance Areas and School Building Capacity
JEACompulsory Attendance Ages
JEBEntrance Age Requirements
JFStudent Admissions to/Withdrawals from School
JFAB/ JFABAAdmission of Nonresident Students/Tuition Charges
JFABBAdmission of Exchange and Foreign Students
JFABB-RAdmission of Exchange and Foreign Students
JFABDAdmission of Homeless Students
JFBA/JFBBSchool Choice - Open Enrollment and Transfer
JFBA/JFBB-RSchool Choice - Open Enrollment and Transfer Regulation
JHStudent Absences and Excuses
JH-RStudent Absences and Excuses
JHBBAttendance Monitoring/Accounting
JHCReleased Time for Students
JHCAClosed Campus
JHDExclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
JICStudent Conduct and Discipline
JICAStudent Dress
JICA-SPRopa, accesorios, y buena presentaciĆ³n para los estudiantes
JICA-RStudent Dress (Physical Education)
JICDACode of Conduct
JICDA-RCode of Conduct Regulations
JICDEBullying Prevention and Education
JICEStudent Publications
JICFSecret Societies/Gang Activity
JICHDrug and Alcohol Use by Students
JICH-R-1Drug and Alcohol Use by Students (Controlled drugs, barbiturates, marijuana, LSD, glue or other behavior affecting substances
JICH-R-2Drug and Alcohol Use by Students (Alcohol)
JICIWeapons in School
JIEPregnant Students
JIGMarried Students
JIHStudent Interrogations, Searches and Arrests
JIH - SpanishStudent Interrogations, Searches and Arrests
JIH-RStudent Interrogations, Searches and Arrests
JIHBParking Lot Searches
JIHB-RParking Lot Searches
JJStudent Activities (Co-curricular and Extracurricular)
JJAStudent Organizations
JJA-E-1Request to Start a School Sponsored Student Group
JJA-RSchool Authorized Student Groups
JJBStudent Social Events
JJCStudent Performances/Exhibits/Competition
JJC-RStudent Performances/Exhibits/Competition
JJE-RStudent Fund-Raising Activities
JJFStudent Activities Funds
JJF-RStudent Activities Funds
JJG-RContests for Students
JJH-RStudent Travel (Out-of-Sate/Country)
JJIAIntramural Sports
JJIBInterscholastic Sports
JJJExtracurricular Activity Eligibility
JKStudent Discipline
JK-RStudent Discipline Regulations
JKAUse of Physical Intervention and Restraints - Policy
JKA-RUse of Physical Intervention and Restraints - Regulation
JKA-E-1Notice of Possible Use of Restraint
JKA-E-2Use of Restraint Report – Form
JKA-E-3Yearly Summative Use of Restraint – Form
JKBDetention of Students
JKBAFormal Disciplinary Removals from Classroom by Teachers
JKBA-RFormal Disciplinary Removals from Classroom by Teachers
JKD/JKEStudent Suspension/Expulsion/Denial of Admission
JKD/JKE-RStudent Suspension/Expulsion/Denial of Admission
JKD/JKE-2Disciplining of Students with Disabilities
JKFEducational Alternatives for Expelled Students
JKF-REducational Alternatives for Expelled Students
JKGExpulsion Prevention Program
JLAStudent Insurance Program
JLCStudent Health Services and Requirements
JLCAPhysical Examinations of Students
JLCBImmunization of Students
JLCB-RImmunization of Students
JLCCCommunicable/Infectious Diseases
JLCC-RCommunicable/Infectious Diseases
JLCCAStudents with HIV/AIDS
JLCCA-RStudents with HIV/AIDS
JLCDAdministering Medicines to Students
JLCDAResponse to Students with Food Allergies
JLCD-RAdministering Medicines to Students
JLCD-EAdministering Medicines - Form
JLCEFirst Aid and Emergency Medical Care
JLCFSchool Nurses
JLDGuidance and Counseling
JLDACScreening/Testing of Students (And Treatment of Mental Disorders)
Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Crisis Response
JLEStudent Social Services (Contraceptive Information)
JLE-RStudent Social Services (Contraceptive Information)
JLFReporting Child Abuse/Child Protection
JLF-RReporting Child Abuse/Child Protection
JLIStudent Safety
JLIBStudent Dismissal Precautions
JMStudent Awards, Honors and Scholarships
JOEmployment of Students
JPStudent Donations and Gifts (Solicitations)
JQStudent Fees, Fines and Charges
JQ-E-1Student Activity Fee Schedule
JQ-E-2Student Fees Resolution
JQ-E-3Student Fees Resolution
JQ-E-4Student Fees Resolution
JRA/JRCStudent Records/Release of Information on Students
JRA/JRC-EAnnual Notification of Parent/Guardian Rights
JRDStudent Photographs
JREStudent Identification Cards
K School-Community-Home Relations (Back to Section List)
KBParent Involvement
KB-RParent Involvement
KBERelations with Parent Organizations
KCASchool Community Relations
KCBCommunity Involvement in Decision making
KCDGifts/Donations to Schools
KCD-RGifts/Donations to Schools
KDPublic Information and Communications
KDAPublic Information/School Communications Program
KDBPublic Right to Know/Freedom of Information
KDB-RPublic Right to Know/Freedom of Information
KDCSchool-Sponsored Information Media
KDDMedia Relations
KDDAPress Releases, Conferences and Interviews
KDDCLegal Notices
KDECrisis Management
KDE-E-1Crisis Management - Emergency Operations Plan
KDE-E-2Crisis Management - Emergency Response Plan
KEPublic Concerns and Complaints
KEBPublic Concerns/Complaints about Personnel
KEB-RPublic Concerns/Complaints about Personnel
KECPublic Concerns/Complaints about Instructional Resources
KEC-R-1Public Concerns/Complaints about Instructional Resources (School Buildings)
KEC-R-2Public Concerns/Complaints about Instructional Resources (Central Collection and Professional Library)
KFCommunity Use of District Real Property
KF-R-1Community Use of District Real Property - Excluding Day Care
KFAPublic Conduct on School Property
KHAPublic Solicitations in Schools
KHA-RPublic Solicitations in Schools
KHBAdvertising in Schools (And Corporate Sponsorship)
KHB-RAdvertising in Schools Regulation
KHEPolitical Solicitations in Schools (And Political Advertising)
KIVisitors to Schools
KI-RVisitors to Schools
KJJRelations with Community Fund-Raising Groups
KJKRelations with Partisan Political Organizations
KLRelations with Government Authorities
KLBRelations with Election Authorities (Voter Registration)
KLGRelations with Law Enforcement Authorities
KLG-RRelations with Law Enforcement Authorities (Guidelines for School Contacts with the Police Dept)
KLHRelations with Fire and Emergency Preparedness Authorities
L Education Agency Relations (Back to Section List)
LBRelations with Other Schools and School Systems
LBDRelations with Charter Schools
LBD-RCharter School Regulations
LCRelations with Education Research Agencies
LC-RRelations with Education Research Agencies (Guidelines for Research Requests)
LDAStudent Teaching and Internships

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