Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Manifesto of the Conservative Heterosexual

I started typing this yesterday afternoon after getting my Irish up over the rude GAYISOK crowd on the Gazette
they're still all just DYIN' to get hitched, settle down a raise a family, you know...all for *show*.
When I stopped typing, it was 22 pages long.
Ennyhoo, here is a rant that I wrote for you; if you find the time to check it out, then thank you.

* * * * * * * *

Here we go again...the great flow of crocodile tears and panties-all-in-a-bunch debate on whether there ought be ceremonies of civil union for homosexuals. The question has already been asked and answered several times; is it simply that some people cannot accept and/or handle the word “No”?

I mean...WOW.  This kid's fury and rage over an online game made him try to stick a remote control up his butt..and it calls gay folks to mind.


If indeed it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, then the shrill and adamant tenor of the Gazette’s most passionate gays and their supporters demonstrate plainly that these noisemakers enjoy nothing more than resurrecting a dead horse again and again, for the sole purpose of clobbering and desecrating its poor, motionless corpse until the rest of us throw up our hands in exasperated acquiescence and recognize their commitment ceremonies as something legally binding and sacred.

“America is not the birthplace of unequal rights!” says one burdened same-sex advocate. Sniped another person of gay persuasion, “Heterosexuals have proven they are utter failures at marriage; perhaps those heterobreeding ‘conservatards’ should step aside, and let us gays show them how wedded bliss is really done.”

And of course we cannot overlook the ubiquitous enlightened and learned Devil’s Advocate…patiently applying the logic of contract law to their superfluous arguments.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the truth is that our constitutional amendment in opposition of same-sex marriage is less an example of discrimination, and far more an argument founded firmly on a rock of common sense.


Indeed, except for this one time, I will not even use the term “gay marriage” in this piece or elsewhere -- because the very definition of the word “marry” precludes gays from participating:

To marry:
to join, unite, combine, fuse, mix, blend, merge, amalgamate, link, connect, couple, knit, yoke.

I refuse to quibble over semantics, so please don’t waste your time or mine attempting to lasso me into a compare-and-contrast discussion of the words “fuse” and “blend”. No doubt, sometimes the sex you have is *so* mind-blowing that you’re left with a sensation that seems similar to amalgamation; but really, amalgamation it isn’t, and amalgamated you aren’t…any more than two pre-teen girls are joined in matrimony after pinky-swear promising to be each other’s Best Friend Forever.

Now please, don’t get me wrong, and don’t rush to judge me a hateful and inhuman homophobe, entirely devoid of sympathy for the tragic gay plight – but simply put: one gets what one gives. As you read through this document -- if you read through it -- I hope you will recognize the acrimonious character that is, quite frankly, typical of gay apologetics.

Let’s begin with an allegation that always makes me chuckle:

“Why is it that some of the loudest opponents to marriage equality get so excited that they can only discuss opposition in terms of sweaty thrusting shoving metaphors?

Perhaps because of repressed homosexuality in denial?”

It’s been my observation that the loudest shouters, the least restrained thrusters, those dripping with sweat from aimless agitation and excitement are the gays…because married heterosexuals -- especially parents – learned some time ago: there’s a heckuva lot more to marriage, and life, than just sex; and while some may be tantalized by the thought of getting some “strange” in the form of hot gay sex, the VAST MAJORITY OF US have long been and continue to be cognizant and appreciative of the pleasures and benefits offered and afforded us by the opposite sex.

Now, here’s an “I wonder why” of my own:

Why do gays think that their critics’ opposition is nothing more than a thinly-veiled desire to know and be like them sexually? Do you honestly think we poor, deprived heteronormatives are quietly quaking with unbridled longing for you? If so, chances are that you’ve mentally replayed “The Seduction of Haggard” one time too many, and now suffer from a full-blown case of Sexondabrainitis.

I am but one who stands in steadfast opposition to the forcible gay rape and retooling of our English language, and resent entirely the ever growing list of words that your leaders carefully select, merely to bend and twist them so entirely out of shape that few can even recall their original form and meaning. Words like “gay” and “queer” were innocent and entirely devoid of sexuality; those words did nothing to deserve their butchering by the gay “community.” Your people have previously demonstrated themselves quite adept at making up new words to suit their self-aggrandizing purposes…so please consider doing us all a favor, and get creative again; even though I hate make-believe words, I'd rather you make up a new one than lynch an old one.

What y'all so angry about anyway? Why so tense? These days, gay’s are typically far more affluent and privileged than the rest of the disenfranchised “minority” groups you’re so fond of lumping and slumming yourselves amongst; life is actually quite good for you these days…


Speaking for myself, your own incessant mewling and caterwauling caused my reserves of simpatico and empathy to run dry long ago. Think of how Christians annoy you with their unwelcome proselytizing; well, your “poor poor pitiful gay me” routine played itself out long ago. No offense, but KWIT YER BITCHIN AND STFU ALREADY.

It’s so funny to me how the gays will reliably portray their polar “opposites” to be Christians and at the same time, clamor for acceptance and inclusion within the church…and evenso, ceaselessly squeeze in and piling on your insults and mockery of the Christian faith like the like chinking between bricks.

“Oh, here come those empty-headed “christianists” again…with their fundamentalist rejection of our courageous quest for marital legitimacy among the peoples; sounds just like you’re talking about the anti-abortion crowd.”

Ok, I’ll bite.

I feel abortion is something that’s ultimately between a woman, her doctor and God; that said…why wouldn’t most, if not all people, be “anti-abortion?” Who among us is truly giddy and gung-ho about it and looking forward to accompanying their daughter to her first abortion procedure?


“Spydra: I am so psyched for this coming Tuesday…my first-trimester abortion is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. sharp. I CAN’T WAIT…IT’S LIKE CHRISTMAS OR SOMETHING. I’m gonna make sure and get there at least a half-hour early, so I can kick up my feet and chillax with a People magazine and a coffee before the show gets on the road…”

Friends, and Unfriends, alike: I know I’ve uttered this before, but I’m about to again: once a woman becomes pregnant, there’s really only two ways the baby can come out: dead, or alive. And I would think all of us would agree that every one of the steps necessary to ensure that baby emerges lifeless from its mother’s womb is horrible to consider, unimaginably painful, physically and emotionally scarring, not to mention expensive…

And surely we’re all aware that, had our mother aborted us, we’d not be here to BELABOR this topic…right? So, maybe you can lighten up a bit on the “heterobreeders” moniker you apparently find so amusing….

And while you’re doing that, take a minute to thank your heterosexual Mom, and thank your heterosexual Dad; thanks for doing what men and women in love are prone to do; further, Moms, thanks so much for not aborting us, your children; thank you for helping to give us life… because we all know you really didn’t HAVE to do it if you really didn’t WANT to do it – AND HONESTLY, LADIES: WHO REALLY WANTS TO?

I mean, talk about a whole lotta muss and fuss...and yet, despite the terror and the pain and the burden, when the quickening takes place…and when your husband is standing there beside you, encouraging you and urging you on with a quiet intensity…well, there’s nothing quite like it when the fruit of that marriage emerges in all its splendor and glory.

The two of you, amalgamated…melded and fused; man and woman, become of one flesh. What a perfect, lovely gift and miracle from God, and for God.

The world God created for us is indeed perfect, though we might not always see it that way. But honestly, when faced with the choice of life or death, who can say they regret choosing life? No, the life of a single mom and her child won’t always be smooth sailing… but it’s better than pushin’ up daisies, am I right? And should the mother and the father genuinely devote themselves to each other, be sufficiently comfortable to lean on each other when the going gets rough…to endure the ups and the downs, raise their kids together and make it through to the finish line…together…,well, it should go without saying that the reward will come back to you both in the form of bountiful blessings beyond number.

Those of you who are so proud to be gay…mentoring and offering your “guidance” and “advice” to our nation’s confused and uncertain young people…how can you truly subscribe to the notion that PEOPLE ARE BORN GAY and that their “sexual orientation” and/or “sexual preference” is something hard-wired that way within them for life?


You are the ones who have succumbed to one of the greatest lies ever told…originated by the father of lies himself.

Just because you have come to identify with and embrace your unique sexual proclivities DOES NOT in any way obligate the rest of us to play along and celebrate your diversity. Not one single person was ever born gay; people are not “born” gay, because otherwise babies would instinctively and immediately launch into sexual behaviors whilst still in the earliest stages of infancy; shortly after making their grand debut on the world stage, babies still wrapped in swaddling clothing would be doing a heckuva lot more than cooing “Goo Goo” and “Gah.”


“If it were reversed and Christians were told they could not marry and protect their children of course they would actively work to pass legislation to undo the discrimination.”

Well…now that you’ve mentioned it, how did so many gay nouveau riche wind up as biological parents anyway? In most cases, gays begat their children the time-tested way – heterosexually.

So often, gays will offer up a glib playact and pretense of insouciance…”Why, lurch, I don’t know of any gay or lesbian couple where one takes on the role or dresses as the opposite gender. It does not happen.”

Oh no? Then why do gays often *self*identify as either a “top” or a “bottom”,, and whyesbian couples often feature a “manly” woman partnered with a far more “feminine” woman? If it’s true that we’ve moved beyond this type of rudimentary boy/girl brain processing; if gender itself has become passĂ©, then why do most of us still seem effortlessly able to distinguish any one of manifold differences between boys and girls…men and women.?

Forty percent – nearly half -- of gays and lesbians in Colorado are birth parents, and there was nothing remarkable about those pairings. Just put away any delicate notions you may have of some gay guy, excitedly presenting a sperm-filled turkey basting syringe that’s still warm to the touch, and his good lesbian friend accepting it and then excusing herself so that she can handle her end of their semi-immaculate conception. No, the vast majority of gays became parents by inserting Tab A into Slot One – just like great-great-grandmammy and grandpappy used to do along the scenic highways and byways of Bedrock.

You know, to be perfectly honest with you, before my boyfriend put me in the “family way”, I was a carousing and drunken strumpet; by day, I had a nice office job that afforded me a car, a miniature-but-magical efficiency apartment that straddled Ruxton Creek, and all the booze I could drink. I suppose I thought I was enjoying myself at the time.

I NEVER, EVER wanted to get married, and laughed at the very thought; having children was an even MORE outlandish notion. Kids??? YUK. NEVER, EVER, thank you very much!!! As I’ve written before, if I’m not careful, alcohol will turn me into the Tasmanian Devil; countless are the mornings when I’d come-to slowly…with a headache and hang-over so brutal, I’d be crippled for most of the day. I remember taking in the sight of in the shambles I’d created whilst whirling in Dervish mode...and I remember wondering what would ever become of me and my useless, disgusting alcoholic ass.

Suicide was a daily contemplation.

One mid-March morning, after a wild night of Bacardi 151, I was messing around with my boyfriend…and I guess we were careless. I remember yelling at him, and yelling at myself…and I knew I was pregnant the very instant that lucky sperm encountered my golden egg. But it didn’t become an inescapable fact until two weeks later, when I took the pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests were like mini science lab experiments back then; after carefully adding three drops of pee to the whateveritwas, I began to see the forming of the brown ring that meant the test was POSITIVE…and I was gripped with a terrible, awful fear.

But my boyfriend at the time was the high-school sweetheart with whom I’d lost my virginity…and he with me. And though we both were so afraid, we decided to have the baby. I was three months pregnant when we got married, and it was one of the happiest days of my life.

That was twenty years and four kids ago. There have been times of richer and poorer and times of sickness and health; we watched marriages of friends and loved-ones dissolve in a stack full of child support and visitation agreements…and partly because of my severe math phobia and inability to perform the calculations necessary on the fill-in divorce forms, and partly because I still crazy nuts about him, my husband and I committed to stick with it, through thick and through thin…no matter what

I tell you this story now, however, to explain the instantaneous and profound paradigm shift I underwent upon giving birth to our eldest. I can’t say I’ve been a perfect mom; there have been times when I was not at my best. But putting our kids through the earth-shaking upheaval that is divorce was not an option...and I simply cannot even IMAGINE coming home after all this time and announcing to my family, EVERYONE, I HAVE A WONDERFUL SURPRISE FOR YOU ALL:  I’M GAY.

I happen to personally know a gay VIP who sits on the Gay and Lesbian Fund Board of Directors. This person is HELLA GAY, HELLA LOUD AND HELLA ABRASIVE…but don’t you dare hint at that fact, or you’ll INSTANTLY be attacked with the full force of all three Furies. Said VIP has one biological child, as well as a younger brother who ALSO IS GAY. but in a far, FAR less chaffing way.

Gay Little Brother had sired not just one, but TWO children with TWO DIFFERENT BABY MAMAS. I only ever got to see the one…an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL BOY who looks exactly like his daddy. I was rocking and holding that sweet, fat, happy little baby while his dad got ready to hit the clubs, A question formed in my mind, and I quietly and carefully asked the question in my head before giving voice to it.

“Help me to better understand the circumstances of fat happy baby’s birth."

I basically learned that the fresh-and-baby-faced daddy had a penchant for going out to the gay bar and dressing in full drag. Well, whenever he was dressed up, lesbian women in the house would hunger for him as though he were a girl? And everyone got faced…I mean, three sheets to the wind…and who doesn’t get horny when they’re drunk? So, yes, I guess it’s accurate to say that theb baby was conceived the old-fashioned way… the way the birds and the bees do it…only I guess the lesbian was on top and he was on the bottom…

ANYWAY GEESH, it was a bit embarrassing for me to write that to you.; indeed, it’s strange, unusual and awkward to KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE’S SEX LIFE…especially since I hardly knew the guy...reinforcing my original and longstanding complaint about "don't ask, don't tell" was that EVERYONE WAS ALWAYS TELLING ME EVERYTHING THEY EVER DID LIKE I REALLY WANTED TO KNOW, AND IT WAS SCARY.  PARTS OF MY OWN SEXUAL HISTORY ARE SCARY...WHY DO GAY PEOPLE THINK IT'S NECESSARY TO SHARE SUCH DETAILS ABOUT THEIR OWN SEX LIVES?

But I feel the story illustrates some of the confusion and uncertainty that come PART AND PARCEL with the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and pansexual alternative, single-parenthood lifestyes.

Unless we ask and seek to know the truth, we will forever be tempted by vague uncertainties, convinced by fatal and fanciful liars.

I was given up for adoption at birth, the product of a black father and a white mother. I was adopted by a married couple consisting of a black male and a white female.  I came to call them Mom and Dad. I came to love them as Mom and Dad. Five years after adopting me, they got pregnant with their biological child, my sister.  For some reason, we didn't tell my sister until she was 16 that I was adopted...however, I ALWAYS KNEW I WAS ADOPTED.  And I always envied my sister, because I could only imagine how it must have felt...to long for a child so badly, and not be able to conceive...and then to all of a sudden get pregnant with your one and only biological child.

My sister was even born on my mom's birthday.

Anyway, I love them all so much, it hurts me.  But I also have real love for my "real" biological family...my "real" mom and dad and half-sister who "really" share my DNA...a family I never knew and will possibly never know.

It wasn't until I gave birth to my own children, and was finally able to see the nuances of my own face moving across theirs, that I finally, finally felt like I truly belonged.

I love my mom and dad with all my heart and soul...but while they *are* the only parents that I've ever known, for me to claim they are my “real” parents is in fact a lie…and somewhere deep down inside we all know it.

It is much the same for gays. Two men or two women can call themselves married all they want, they can hold hands and kiss, they can say “I love you” and “I do”…but it doesn’t make them married. And no matter how happy the two of you are…there cannot be two husbands…there cannot be two dads. There’s only one dad…and only one mom…and in case there’s ever any doubt, those questions are quickly put to a close when a bona fide medical crisis rears its ugly head. Need a specific blood-type or genetically compatible bone-marrow? Well, sorry, but the kidney your “other” dad so generously and selflessly offered you out of love is not a genetically suitable match…and your body is not going to care if he’s gay or bi- or trans: your body is simply going to reject his well-intentioned donation to your continued existence. No matter how hard you wish and pray things were otherwise, YOUR OTHER DAD IS SIMPLY NOT YOUR BLOOD KIN.

In spite of the fact that my birth parents and my adoptive parents shared the same racial makeup, and despite the fact that they loved me, I grew up very confused none-the-less. My experience with other adoptees leads me to believe this confusion is universal. With that in mind and for that reason, I feel gay and lesbian parents are setting up their children for guaranteed confusion.

As far as the gay Matlock’s arguing the finer points of contractual law, here is the truth: all one needs to do is draw up a contract indicating the desired privileges and benefits afforded and shared between one and another; all one needs to do is draw up a living will to permit the presence of particular loved ones while in the hospital…or a standard will to bequeath one’s estate to whomever one chooses; all of this ballyhoo and fuss for “gay marriage” overlooks these absolutely truisms. INSURANCE

Marriage is not simply a “religious” institution, as the smug-sounding atheists would have us believe.

“So, with all of the above said…do tell how and why the commonly accepted definition of “marriage” makes gay people victims of “discrimination”?  There are lots of studies showing children need both parents of each gender for normal development. Giving gay couples children is a political social experiment, and unethical.”
and further thank him for the NARTH tip. He is correct: “After the Ball” absolutely prescribed these “jamming techniques” in order to redesign our world to the genderf**ked utopian envisioned by gays; the book is no longer in print, but is surely the radical gay torah.

A link to a video of Zach Wahls addressing the court regarding the illegality of gay marriage was posted, certainly with the intention of demonstrating how well-adjusted Mr. Wahls turned out in the end. Well, to come through childhood relatively unscathed is about as much as anyone can ask for. Mr. Wahls was indeed striking…and possessed an obvious speaking and writing talent.

Well, I can demonstrate those traits as well; it doesn’t change the fact that growing up , a striking young man who was raised by two mothers then thank God…but surely it’s the exception rather than the norm. “How his children deal with their two happily married lesbian grandmothers caring and spoiling their cute grandchildren” can be answered in one word: indulgently. “Oh, that’s my two grandmas,” I can hear the child saying patiently…the same way parents do when their child announces the arrival of an invisible playmate. “Oh, don’t sit there…Bobby’s friend Stan is sitting in that chair, please don’t sit on him.” It’s the same way the rest of us respond when a long-time male friend suddenly announces he likes to dress up as a woman, and wants everyone to refer to him henceforth as Shirley.

Ok; whatever floats your boat, Shirl.

Not at all long ago, homosexuality was considered a mental illness…and hearing gay people speaking today, it seems it still is a mental illness. What else would compel a person to engage in unprotected intercourse with up to 150 strangers, hoping to contract HIV? Isn’t that a form of suicide? Isn’t suicide a mental health issue?

“Heterobreeders might have some legitimate opinion on this topic if they could actually make their opposite sex relationships successful. However, given the rampant divorce rate & a national illegitimacy rate of 4 in 10, heterobreeders are complete failures at moralistic, domestic relationships. However, they'd rather focus on other people's shortcomings than their own. Typical, really.”


I am most in tandem with lurch’s comments regarding the supression of free speech that’s evolved as gays come more and more into their “rights.” Wow…anyone with the gall to confess they still believe marriage is the union between one man and one woman risks being tarred and feathered; anyone sufficiently resolute to give voice to an opposing view is instantly labeled a homophobe, a latent homosexual, a “Christianist”…a “heterobreeder.” If a heterosexual were to say anything of the like regarding homosexuals, well, that person would risk being slapped with a “hate” crime.

The newspapers are less fearful than complicit in spreading the homosexual’s errant message.

As far as the more radical “queers” and their overbearing endeavor for “inclusion”…whatever that means; what is the environment in which gays feel excluded? I can tell you right now with honesty that PLENTY is the time when I feel marginalized and bullied by those espousing the pro-gay viewpoint.

“Fear and control over people's lives are the motivators for those against same-sex marriage.” This is how I see it, actually; no one would know if a person was gay or not; it’s only because gay people are so “look, look at me, look at me I’m gay” that anyone even knows about their “sexual orientation.” I’ve said over and over and over again that I would simply rather not know ANY details regarding another’s sexual proclivities…so if gay people feel as though they are under the heterosexual thumb, perhaps they might STOP CROWING ABOUT THEIR SEXUAL PREFERENCES TO ANY TOM, DICK AND HARRY WITHIN EARSHOT.

It’s patently untrue that every accredited medical, psychological and scientific institution in the United States agree that homosexuality and heterosexuality are normal, natural and unchangeable - I’m sorry if it injures some people’s sensitivities. Homosexuality is not normal…it is not natural; it is a sexual habit that is changeable.

Like the woman who asks, “Does this dress make me look fat?” Well if you tell her, “Yes,” she sniffs, injured by the truth. Well, why did she ask if the answer didn’t matter…if she’s bound and determined to wear the dress that makes her look unpleasantly plump.

Why is it so often that gays seem to think with their…privates? Lodging a typical “I know you are but what am I” defense against NARTH, speakers made reference to George Reker’s “rentboy’s” healthy endowment without so much as a hint of shame; without so much as a nod to discretion and decorum.


Well, I maintain it’s personal envy…envy of the all-expenses paid European vacation…envy of the well-hung travel mate…envy of the old and wealthy “sometimes I feel like a nut” Reker. And just like that, reparative therapy is slapped with the QUACKERY label, and tossed out with the baby AND the bathwater….

“To turn the homosexual into a God fearing heterosexual,” intones the proud and disdainful homosexual, reciting as though from a recipe or Wiccan spellbook.

(1) Participate in sports activities. Well, who’d have ever thought of that; physicians regularly recommend exercise to stimulate the flow of endorphins in hopes of lifting people up and out of depression…over-eating…smoking…drinking; why wouldn’t exercise be similarly effective when struggling against a sexual addiction? When you’re jogging, or swimming, or lifting weights, your mind is occupied, your heart rate is a thumpin, and your hands are not touching your genitals (hopefully). So, why do gays mock and laugh at scientifically tried and tested approaches to overcoming addiction? 

(2) Avoid activities considered of interest to homosexuals, such as art museums, opera, symphonies. I was always under the impression that chatrooms, bathhouses and gloryholes were the places where gays went to immerse themselves in the gay experience…oh, yeah…and back in the day, and for a very, very long time, the first advertisement on the Colorado Springs Independent’s Back Side read something to this effect: “Gay, Bi and Curious Males are all invited to rub elbows and down cocktails with like minded gents…call Jay at 555-AMIGAY.” But I guess now you can get some action under the Renoir….

(3) Avoid women unless it is for romantic contact. Yeah, and? IT IS WHAT MOST GUYS DO AS THE NORM; IT IS WHAT I CALL "THE RHYTHM METHOD."

(4) Increase time spent with heterosexual men in order to learn to mimic heterosexual male ways of walking, talking, and interacting with other heterosexual men. Again -- this is questionable…or way-out? Persons seeking a better understanding of Christianity are also advised to hang out with other Christians…people trying to overcome alcoholism are advised to attend group meetings for alcoholics, and to obtain the help of a sponsor who is farther along in his or her recovery.

(5) Attend church and join a male only church group. I guess I’m unclear…because by all accounts, I thought gays are breaking down church doors -- so strong is their urge and desire to be within the halls of the worship of God.

(6) Attend reparative therapy group to discuss progress, or slips back into homosexuality. Again…basic AA approach to conquering what has come to be a negative behavior. 

(7) Become more assertive with women through flirting and dating. As opposed to borrowing a woman’s lipstick and nylons, and flirting with her husband/brother/son. 

(8) Begin heterosexual dating. Kind of a no-brainer, here…

(9) Engage in heterosexual intercourse. And I can hear all of the gay people groaning “eeeewwwww.” Well, NEWSFLASH folks…SEX AIN’T PRETTY, NO MATTER WHO THE PARTICPANTS; THAT’S WHY GOD GAVE YOU EYELIDS – SO YOU CAN CLOSE THEM.

(10) Enter into heterosexual marriage…and

(11) Father children. Well, the last two steps are, unfortunately, the first two steps with so many people who were “born gay.” I guess it wasn’t until after they got bored and tired of their marriage and their mate and their kids that they realized how gay they were…all along.

“There has been exactly one scientific peer-reviewed study done on the effectiveness of Christian-based reparative therapy.” 

 Yeah, right. That’s one thing I find HELLA amusing – the fast and loose statistics and “scientific studies” cited by gays. I guess studies also show that gay teens are regularly being driven over the edge by hateful, homophobic Christians judgin’ ‘em and makin’ ‘em all feel bad.

WHATEVER – your half-baked, biased, skewed and slanted queer science is no better than the next guy’s.

Nothing astonishes me more than the ease with which the Department of Human Services will tear a child from his biological father and mother, for reasons such as having a messy house, or perhaps because a neighbor’s dog bit the child, or maybe you and your teenager got into a yelling match. ABRACADABRA you look out the window to see the cops dragging your neighbors’ screaming, terrified child(ren) to a squad car, your neighbors following closely, but uselessly behind. “MAMA…DADDY…DON’T LET THEM TAKE ME…” are the last words the parents hear from their weeping child for a long time.

From that point, the biological parents are on a 13-month time clock to jump through all of DHS’s hoops…group therapy, individual therapy…family therapy…a “family-preservationist” visiting the home three times a week for an hour at a time…to see how “Mother” and “Father” are interacting with “Child.”

And foster kids…well, you know what kind of predicament they’re in – foster kids are just in need of love and security and shelter…and gay people can love and secure and shelter as well as “straight” people. BUT JUST WHO IS LOOKING AFTER AND STUDYING THE EFFECTS UPON THE TRAUMATIZED CHILD AND UTTERLY DISCOMBULATED CHILD IN FOSTER CARE, PINING FOR JUST A PRIVATE MOMENT AND QUIET WORD WITH HIS OR HER PARENTS…HUH? No one…unless you count the “Gay Foster Parents Pride Partnership” statisticians who are so eager to show how unaffected and unscathed a child can make it through such a terrifying and uncertain ordeal.


And yet, all I hear is how gays are being denied the right to marry, and the right to bear children, and the right to accompany their loved ones into the emergency room…


"Studies have “proven” that children raised in same sex household are as well adjusted as their peers raised in traditional families. They also show that children raised by Lesbians are actually more advanced socially and do better in school. Opposite gender parents are not necessary to raise a child healthy child.”

 Ok, Dr. Bombay…if you say so, then I guess it must be true.

Lurch also pointed out the painful, yet undeniable fact that all homosexual relationships are barren, and as such, fruitless. “Gay couples do not unite their haploid gametes to form a child, with the resulting child having exactly half of their genetic material from each parent. Mother nature denies offspring to homosexual couples in every case. State why you think mother nature has ripped off homosexuals.”

The answer to this one is easy: the freethinkers credit Mother Nature with all things scientific and supernatural…but when it comes down to clumsy design flaws, BLAME IT ON GOD.

“Not all children are the result of the direct physical mating of two heterosexuals, nor are they all biologically related to both of their parents.” True; but NONE of them are the result of homosexual coupling.

And “because” is not a good enough answer to the gays asking “why?” You can put money in the bank on this one: an ever-growing number of gays are paying women up to $50,000 to act as surrogate mothers for His-and-His artificially inseminated “offspring” – so of course, when stem cell and cloning technologies are “fine-tuned”, gays will be Clonaid’s number one customer…because Brian and Baxter deserve to have a child who shares both of their DNA.

It’s not at all difficult for me to envision the nightmare of birth defects and unanticipated outcomes that will follow.

Men…blaming their problems on other men…and women, casting their sorrows upon other women…with few gays ever seeking solace and comfort from a “higher power”. And those who do reach out to the church and are surprised to the church reached back, end up unleashing their insatiable gay wants and temper tantrums upon the very congregation that opened up its doors to welcome them ANYWAY.

This is my own observation of what seem to be the biggest contributors to the negative LGBT climate:

  • Casual and/or promiscuous sexual activity.
  • Jealousy…husbands, jealous that their husband might be sleeping with someone else’s husband…and wife-on-wife jealously as well.
  • Heterophobia and hetero-envy.
  • Substance Abuse.
  • Attention-seeking…because any attention is better than no attention.
  • A huge, unwieldy chip on the shoulder.
  • Difficulty in humbling themselves before the Lord, and admitting that perhaps they are in the wrong, rather than their creator.

Lurch then asked, “Why can't gays just admit that homosexuality is a sexual disorder? Many people who have psychological disorders won't admit them but it's cruel to continue with this charade. Even Darwinism allows that negative genetic mutations cannot be passed on to offspring, and that is exactly what is happening with homosexuality. Given the extremely low percentage of homosexuals in the population, and the fact that is takes heterosexual gametes to produce a baby, it is obvious that you are ignoring the simple facts and have made this purely political.”

Which of course was followed by the pointless argument of “is left-handedness a disorder?” “Is being Asian a trait?” “Is being fat a bad habit?” GUESS WHAT: IT DOESN’T MATTER, BECAUSE BEING A FAT, JAPANESE LEFTY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR SEXUAL WANTS AND PRACTICES.

The ever-brave pastor wrote:
“Try this on 
Pedophilia as a ’sexual orientation’.  

Pedophilia is another “sexual orientation,” comparable to heterosexuality or homosexuality, according to expert testimony recently presented to the Canadian Parliament.The issue at hand was a bill that would either increase penalties or impose mandatory sentences on sexual offenders whose victims are children.www.lifesitenews.com/news/pedophilia-a-sexual-orientation-experts-tell-parliament">According to a report at LifeSiteNews, Dr. Hubert Van Gijseghem, a psychologist and retired professor at the University of Montreal and one of the expert witnesses, told members of parliament, “True pedophiles have an exclusive preference for children, which is the same as having a sexual orientation.”

Different strokes for different folks, right? And as long as nobody gets hurt, it's all good, right friends... right?

Which brings us to the ubiquitous “99% of child molesters are straight” argument. WELL, TELL THAT TO THE PARENT WHOSE CHILD WAS MOLESTED; THAT PARENT WILL TELL YOU THE OFFENDER WAS ANYTHING but “straight.”  Besides…I thought we were all just points across the “gender spectrum” – isn’t everybody a little bit gay, or a lot gay, or half-gay…or just gay today? Because with that worn-out and patently false argument, THERE ARE NO HETEROSEXUAL CHILD MOLESTERS; INDEED, THERE ARE NO HETEROSEXUALS.

It is unconstitutional to make two sets of laws for two sets of people. “1 nation; 1 law; 1 people” wrote one commentator. I’d like to see you argue that one to a woman with regard to her tampons and maxi-pads: One woman, one period, one tampon. GOOD LUCK FOOLS…AND YOU MIGHT WANNA DUCK.

All parents not only have a right to protect their children but an absolute moral obligation to do so…which is precisely why parents who are not in lock-step with this new-fangled approach to family life SHOULD NOT BE ASHAMED FOR WANTING APPLES TO REMAIN APPLES…AND NOT TRANSFORM INTO PINEAPPLES AND BANANAS.

Lurch cautioned, “There are going to be unintended consequences for redefining marriage that are difficult to forseee, and too lengthy and complex to address in a blog. Most people, unfortunately, have made up their minds without fully considering the issues.

From here, the dialogue degenerated into the usual liberal truth-twisting and name calling:

“Gays are not and can not legally discriminate against Christians, while Christians on the other hand CAN legally discriminate against Gays and Lesbians in many states. Christians routinely work with government officials to legalize discrimination against Gays and Lesbians. Christians have also passed discriminatory marriage amendments in 30+ states that blocks equal protections for Gays and Lesbians.

There has never been one law passed by Gays and Lesbians that takes rights away from Christians. NOT ONE.”

You might like to think it so, my gay compadre…but NOT QUITE. First of all, what gay person except the most masochistic glutton for punishment would go for a job with Focus on the Family. Why pick up that cross and bear it, as it were…considering how miserable and excluded Christians make you feel?THERE’S PLENTY OF GAY NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS WHO SEEM QUITE OVERJOYED TO ENCOUNTER AND RECRUIT KINDRED SPIRITS – THE MORE THE MERRIER.

And don’t be so sure about the legal discrimination of Christians on the job…because coming up soon, I’ll be writing about my 15-day tenure on the staff of the Colorado Springs Independent. There were things I did right, and there were things I did wrong, friends…but I was new. The end came when my “oberseer” overheard a telephone conversation I had with a representative of Dreampower Rescue Mission; the woman sounded so happy in her position and her organization’s mission, and I told her, “You must feel so blessed.”

I MEAN, AN INSTANT DEEP FREEZE SETTLED OVER THE OFFICE…and though it occurred during the dog days of summer, I swear to you that I was suddenly able to see my breath each time I exhaled. In less than two hours, I was standing out front holding my final paycheck.

In a nutshell I was told I was “not a good fit”…and while my heart was literally shattered into bits and pieces…and though I went into a two-week seclusion over time…I eventually came to realize that truer words were never spoken; looking back, I am so happy that they had the clarity of vision to recognize my employment within their converted church building was doomed…thankful that they brought our fleeting mutual association to a swift and decisive end.

“As usual the repulitard will say it is all about the economy as they will vote and always push the hardest for cultural items for their religious freak base. A true Conservative would say that the economy takes a backseat to Individual Liberty. Actually a true Conservative would say that the economy can and should take care of itself without repeated government intervention. Tea-baggers aren't true conservatards.”

And further decayed into a garbled defense of “Freedom of Speech” means that the GOVERNMENT is not allowed to stop you from saying things or you from personally publishing your thoughts in a book or newspaper. It doesn't mean that the government or any private organization such as a newspaper has an obligation to distribute your thoughts or you have any right to force people to listen to you.

It is common among scientific crackpots and paranoid conspiracy theorists to claim that their "truth" is being suppressed by an evil conspiracy.”

How funny is that…as the gays hurl rocks and insults at the evil “religionists” and “christianists.” WHATEVER.

I never made a single comment on this thread…it always ends up the same way…with the same bullshit and vitriol being slung at the conservatives and the Republicans, and the Christians, and those espousing a return to good old fashioned family values. But when I left off, I noticed with pride that several conservatives said it like it was.

“I believe I will let the good senators know that their positions are indeed in jeopardy and not to get to comfortable. Those seats will be filled by someone un interested in who people are sleeping with.. With everything that is going on in the state today we need someone able to prioritize and actually be a leader on issues that have an effect on people across the board. The problem with GSLBT xyz community is that they dont have any rules / discipline.. Thus they are akin to the child that insistently keeps whining for the toy at the store.. I for one dont want an elected official caving in and giving the little one what he/she wants in order to have them come back for more.. Enough is enough... We are beyond tolerance and down right on infringement.”

“Pastor makes a great point.. It boils down to behavior...At this rate any sexual deviant behavior is on its way to get a pass.. The next thing on the menu is consent... When that no gets redefined to yes..Then good luck to us all.”

The gays will never admit that their noble struggle for inclusion, equality and just-for-them protections are paving the way for every type of sexual obsession, fetish and kink. And if you don’t like seeing me and my laptop holding hands and indulging in public displays of affection, well, you can take it up with my future wife, the camera…and my other husband, the 7-11 Coke Slurpee Machine…and if ALL THAT FAILS, you can take it up with my ex-husband, the plain ol’, everyday, run-of-the-mill white boy.


I, too, am disgusted by those who would put their personal fiancĂ©es AND their finances above “American equality"...whatever that is.  But to be perfectly honest with you, Mr. and Mr. Gay America...there are WAY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS FOR PEOPLE TO WORRY AND CARE ABOUT THAN YOUR FAKE HUSBAND, YOUR FAKE WIFE AND THE KIDS THE TWO OF YOU DON'T SHARE TOGETHER.

One angry writer wrote, near the end…”We are going to right the wrongs of these buffoons in 2012!! The party of BIG EDUCATION, BIG LABOR and BIG GAY is going to have to yield to the party of WE THE PEOPLE in November 2012!!!!”

I hope and pray that it’s true.

From rushrulesbaby
“We need some real heroes today instead of this.”

Ain’t it the sad, sad truth.

What the world needs now are heroes…people who are unashamed and unafraid to tell it like it is…and not simply parrot the vision of how some gays would like it to be.


In closing…to my conservative friends and partners-in-mind on the Gazette comments forum…rightguy, pastor, rushrules and others – let us never forget the great country that once was America…and let us all speak the truth until the time of the end.

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