Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vote Czelatdko

Friends, take it from me:  it's not always easy being a smart AND beautiful woman.  

Sometimes absolute strangers will up and decide they don't like you...for no other reason than being easy on the eyes.  

Just one of the many homely faces of lookism I suppose.  

Managing to retain one's poise in the face of vapid hostility calls for steady grace under fire, and builds strength, endurance and character.      

To quell the sustained nagging of my own conscience, I do hereby confess that my own original conclusions about Lisa were a tad shallow, and jumped to rather hastily.  I have, over time, come to regret that I helped to cast her in an unfair light...and the way she's withstood the cruelty of others certainly earned her my respect.

She continues to hold her head high...and somehow, I trust she has sufficient measures of grace and aplomb to accept my apology and my support. 

I hope Lisa beats Merrifield and wins her contest in true Cinderella Story fashion.  She shines *and* reflects well on our fair city, at once:  

Vote Czelatdko.

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  1. Although I do have to say...when I read that she's for SDS and Merrifield isn' sure gave me pause.