Tuesday, July 21, 2015


originally posted 10/12/10
tanner haters -- enjoy
i think this video is hilarious
and the actor/writer, sheer genius

Whilst researching the Jorgensen-Tanner family crest coincidence, I’ve occasioned to stumble over various sundry diamonds in the rough; this little gem is just one of ‘em, folks!

Were Glenn to adopt just one element of this young and talented minstrel’s expository technique, even his own drab and worn-out soft-shoe song-and-dance act would become positively electric.  But this video had been viewed a mere 98 times before my own visit; as such, I am compelled now to share it with the broader audience it surely merits.

I swore some time ago to never, EVER, use the word “random” the way my daughter and her friends do; but then again, I’m not ever supposed to say that n-word either – and I’m talking about never, my nigga!  Anyway, I found this clip to be refreshingly random, and satisfying on so many levels; there simply is something for everyone -- from the Tanners at Tara…to Kizzy in the cawnfiel’…and all the way to Ooka Pang in Phnom Penh. Perhaps you, too, will find yourself similarly gratified; but in the case that it should cause any one offense, my advance and most sincere apology; after all, this jest is a little, shall we say…off-color? 

Prithee...find me not unforgivable.
 Start at :30. 

Pssst, Jan...in case you missed it, the warehouse password is:  
"Where yo bald-headed friend at? We 'bout to run train." 

Thanks and kudos to HimNameIsHim.

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