Friday, July 3, 2015

Demetra Biglow, EPCDHS Supervisor

Isn't it strange -- doesn't matter the weight, gender or hue -- all caseworkers look alike.

This video was made over the summer of 2009...when Demetra Biglow of the El Paso County (Colorado) Department of Human Services attempted to take custody of our four children after our teenaged daughter made a prank call to the Boys Town National Hotline during a slumber party.

The segueway between the candid camera portion and the "aha" moment when she realizes the camera has been rolling all along is priceless -- isn't cute how big her eyes get?

Friends, it is your right to maintain an accurate record of these proceedings -- that means every phone call, every interview, record, record, record.  This recording enabled us to shut the case down during month one.  

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