Thursday, July 2, 2015

If they told you, would you believe them?

My friends, whether you choose to believe these children or not is a decision you'll have to make for yourselves.

You'll only be able to listen to their story all the way through if you have a very strong wherewithal. My head is reeling...not merely at the grisly horror story these children relate...but because I personally have uncovered evidence that this nightmare is a reality that's occurring daily within our very midsts...involving well-respected gentry.

The number of times these children answer questions in unison is especially chilling to me; it is not because their story is practiced, but because they are recalling the same events.

Lately I've been hearing the child rescuers singing the latest slogan: "Believe the children." Well, what do we do when the stories our children tell us are beyond belief?

Well, my advice is do what you can to get proof: don't leave it up to the police to investigate -- do it your damn self.

I have an annoying habit of going "Spydra" -- and in case you don't know what that means: it is my opinion that the most badass spiders are the ones that have eight eyes...and let me tell you -- if a negress has just warned you that she's gone "Spydra" on your ass, can bet all eight of her lookers are trained and focused on YOU.


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