Saturday, February 19, 2011

Innovation gap

I wish I could find something more substantive for us all to look at and help give us a better understanding of what's meant by "innovation"...but here are four videos which purport to tell the innovation story, as seen from the elementary school, middle school, high school, and teacher levels. 


  1. Wow ! Look at you. Innovation gap. I'll take a guess the citizen that got a phone when phones first came out was probably rich and was able to be more productive than fellow poorer citizens and thus ever widening the gap between rich and poor. The same could be said for automobiles, the typewriter, the computer, the cell phone and all the skills that come with learning how to use those technologies. On a global level I think about foods bred to withstand extreme climates, medicines, delivery of medical attention in addition to the technologies listed previously.
    Reminds me of a manager I had at 7-11 when they switched from paper & computer to entirely computer management tools. She couldn't learn for some reason and was reduced from manager (more pay) to mere clerk. Her knowledge was vast, a computer in her own right, yet brought down by not keeping up with technology.
    Now I'm scared of getting old... not really.

  2. Anonymous: Clearly, you are *so* smart and on the very cutting edge of things; I challenge you or anyone else to point out to me even one "innovation" shown in these videos -- other than the re-invention of the wheel, that is.