Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Locally-based gender learning

For a down-home example of innovation:

Founded in 1996, the Gurian Institute is committed to helping boys and girls reach their full potential by providing professional development that increases student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and parent involvement.

Are you working to:

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  1. I read, but don't know, that females who learn in all female environment rise to higher levels as a group. Females taught in mixed gender classes react vastly different. Some will compete with males to their detriment. Some become the "weak" female asking for male help. Some become submissive. Males likewise had similar outcomes. They would compete in a healthy way according to their strengths and weakenesses when taught in all male classes. In mixed classes, they had the same varied outcomes: overly submissive, overly aggressive, concerned more with socializing etc.
    Maybe it is the puberty thing that gets in the way?

  2. I wish I knew the right answers; what I do know is that I didn't hear anything in this video that would inspire me to sign a $100,000 contract for this type of "innovative" training -- it just sounds like stuff I've heard time and again.