Monday, February 14, 2011

To my friends out in Falcon

Friends, while I live in Colorado Springs, I *feel* for the people of Falcon in the midst of all this upheaval. I felt much the same when District 11 announced it would be closing eight neighborhood elementary schools in the name of saving money. It wasn't about saving money at all; indeed, the louder school districts cry "Poor!" the faster they are spending all that money.

There's a lot of things I don't understand about math, and budgets, and facts and figures...but I do have a tendency to sense BS before the smell hits. This innovation business is *crap* -- if it was anything else, I'd certainly have found more substantive information about it by now. This is just the latest moniker they've bestowed upon their social engineering and experimentation on your children -- and it's not going to stop at Falcon; it *will* spread throughout our schools.

I brought to light the quiet pizza contract D11 had -- and still has -- in place with Jan Tanner, Vice President of the Board; with the Gazette's help, she managed to wriggle her way out the ensuing conflict of interest questions...but make no mistake: this woman is LOADED, she's so rich. And she is an agent of "change" and "innovation" for sure, actively promoting faddish leftist concepts like "gender learning" and "right-brain thinking."

Here's how I feel about it: despite technological advances and gobs and gobs and gobs of money being thrown at the school system, our kids today are simply not leaving school nearly as smart and capable as they were 50 years ago. Stop trying to think up something new -- whatever schools were doing 50 to 75 years ago, GO BACK TO DOING IT. If it means a ruler on the back of the hand, if it means standing in the corner, if it means going back to chalk boards and writing "I will not grow up to steal taxpayer money under the guise of education" one hundred times, then so be it.

Somewhere along the line, someone tried to fix what wasn't broke...and now, it's hella broke, and risks just getting broker. And throwing money at a bunch of half-baked theories and concepts is not helping; there are a bunch of socialist posers involved who are all laughing their way to the bank. We should all hesitate before continuing to entrust them with our tax dollars and our children.

I hope that you will periodically check my blog for my latest discoveries regarding "innovation" and education. I've recently learned of several cozy connections that involve lots of people in high places, and which I personally find to be quite troubling.

I don't mean to needlessly sound the alarm...which is why I hope you will all look closer, delve deeper, shout louder.

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