Tuesday, February 22, 2011

!!! Mitch for Mayor !!!

First of all, I sure do wish I was in attendance at the mayoral candidate debate; I saw Tom Strand, Mike Merrifield and a few others who slip my mind at the moment...but the atmosphere seemed a little electric, even out here in TeeVee Land.  A big thanks to the parties that helped air the live broadcast.

As far as answers given, I'm with MITCH CHRISTIANSEN ALL THE WAY...particularly with regard to SDS, Memorial Hospital, and issues of "inclusion."

No one else even came close.

Listening to Richard Skorman was like listening to Shannon Sharpe...somehow, akin to being struck about the head and shoulders with a Nerf bat.  He also seemed the polar opposite of Christiansen...

Anyway...his answers resounded deep within me...MITCH FOR MAYOR sez me.

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