Thursday, February 3, 2011

Makes you wonder

Don't worry -- I'm about to go off on the shenanigans going on in Falcon School District 49...but to fill in the gap between now and then, consider this four-year old 20/20 segment on education in America.

Come on people -- the things they're discussing in this video are still the same things that people are being invited to private showings of education reform movies's the same stuff they'll be yakking and blah-blahing at us tomorrow:  we're friends of public education, we need more money, we're underfunded, it's for the kids.

Well, I can't for the life of me understand how the Falcon hootenany is helping anyone except for those people breezing past wearing the golden parachutes...and all of them are well beyond the bloom of youth. 

Before signing off on this one, I'm gonna call those "frontier" Falcon folk out: 

So, is that that all? Are you just gonna stand there looking stupid in front of those egghead muckety-mucks in charge of TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN???  Tell ya what...The Coloradans I thought I knew and grew up with would have some chapped asses right about now, and would never, EVER sit for this -- whatever happened to angry sweating rednecks swinging torches and pitchforks, huh? 


I'll tell you what happened:  white, black or otherwise, the majority of us have just settled into the role of namby-pamby, mushy-mouthed, Yassuh-Boss PUSHOVERS -- That's What...soft, pliable, gullible, distracted and passive. 

Because that's how they like us to be when they have their way with us...because they're lazy, too.

Open yer eyes, clean out yer ears, and git up offa yer asses already, folks...

LuAnn Long cameo @ 6:23
Hella Handsome Black Man alert @ 9:46*

*Can you just imagine the uproar this man's "innovations" would inspire here in the Springs?

"What?  Picking up their own trash?  I say, shocking -- quite."

Somebody fetch the schoolmarm some smelling salts.

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