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Decoding Skorman: Birds of a feather


Is it just me, or have you, too, occasionally wondered about some of the similar-sounding balderdash coming out of the mouths of our fair city's "leaders"?

Well, here's something I stumbled across and decided to share with you; it's some information from the Colorado Springs Leadership Institute...otherwise known as Leftist U.

This post starts out with the hows and whys that the who's are selected for this elite leadership training academy...after which is an alphabetical listing of its alumni, and a breakdown of participants according to graduating class.

I'll admit right now that there are a few names on this list that break my heart...a few others that come as NO SURPRISE AT ALL...a few names I sighed with relief NOT to see included on this list...and a few names that I'm surprised NOT to see on this list of up and coming liberals and free-thinkers.  

It will be interesting to learn how many of the people on this list have anything to do with "innovative education reform." 

Keep this list in mind come election time...and remember that birds of a feather flock together.

-- spydra  


Colorado Springs Leadership Institute

Recruitment and Selection

A core committee of CSLI alumni meets throughout the year to examine recruitment practices and to identify community candidates who will be invited to apply for this competitive program. The committee both solicits candidates from fellow alumni and scouts the local horizon for established, demonstrated leaders. Those selected to participate represent all segments of the community; leaders in business, politics, education, government, religion, and not-for-profit organizations. Ethnic and gender diversity is also of prime importance to the selection committee. Out of many dozens of candidates, only sixteen nominees will be chosen for the program.

The following guidelines are considered when selecting candidates for the program:

1.  Leaders who can have the greatest impact.
2.  Diversity of thought, gender, ethnicity, religion, profession, lifestyle, volunteer interests and political persuasion for both the class and the alumni group.
3.  Demonstrated leadership.
4.  Passion for Colorado Springs and a long term commitment to the Pikes Peak region.
5.  Demonstrated integrity and ethical behavior in both personal and profession relationships.
6.  Demonstrated commitment to respectful and inclusive relationships and collaborative solution-oriented leadership.

Current tuition for the class is $3000. Competitive scholarships are available.
CSLI supports the mission and work of the El Pomar Foundation Emerging Leaders Development program (ELD). For more information on this program, please contact Theo Gregory, Vice President, El Pomar Foundation,
PROGRAM DATES FOR 2011:  April 25th - 29th, 2011

Deborah Adams
Cynthia Aki
Hal Alguire
Vic Andrews
Ed Anderson
Michael Anderson
Clarissa Arellano
Clarica (Reese) Armstead
Rick Arnold
Jennifer Barber
Martha Barton
Morey Bean
Tom Bennett
Randy Bernstein
Sharon Berthrong
Donna Bertram
Brian Binn
Richard Blair
Gabriel Blanco
Buck Blessing
Howard Brooks
Queen E. Brown
Scott Bryan
Rita Burns
Heather Carroll
Eric Cefus
Bob Chastain
Chris Cipoletti
Walt Cooper
Dave Csintyan
Lisa M. Dailey
JD Dallager
Dan Dandapani
Cari Davis
Megan Day
David Dempsey
Andrea W. Doray
Dirk Draper
Mike Edmonds
Susan Edmondson
Steve Engel
Susan Engfer
Marta Erhard
Michael Esch
Tony Exum
Ben Faricy
Yolanda Fennick
Ann Fetsch
Stephannie Finley
Howard Fletcher
Jerry Forte
Julie Francis
Bill Gamble
Joseph Garcia
Robert Ginnett
Jack Gloriod
Walter Glover
Albert Gonzales
Susan Grant
Ginny Greene
Jeff Greene
Les Gruen
George Guerrero
Gay Hatler
Jaan Heinmets
Jim Henderson
Wendy Henry
Rabbi Howard Hirsch
Barbara Hughes
Larry Hungerford
Kyle Hybl
Ken Jaray
Calvin Johnson
Jim Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Paul Johnson
HayDen Kane
Michael Kazmierski
Steve Kenney
Devin Knuckles
Tony Koren
Beth Kosley
Lorne Kramer
Katie Lally
Noreen Landis-Tyson
Phil Lane
Promise Lee
Tim Leigh
Nancy Lewis
Dot Lischick
Kathy Loo
Tammie Lowrie
James Lucas
Judy Mackey
Mary Lou Makepeace
Ann-Marie Manning
Cleasther Marchman
Jan Martin
Gil Martinez
Paul Martinez
Lon Matejczyk
Shaun McCarthy
Alicia McConnell
Larry McEvoy
Laura McGuire
Scott McGuire
Kimberly McKay
Mary Ellen McNally
Terrance McWilliams
Bill Mead
Becky Medved
Lou Mellini
Wes Metzler
Vic Meyers
Mike Miles
Paula Miller
C.J. Moore
Vannessa Moses
Laura Muir
Steve Mulliken
Thomas Naughton
Manuel Navarro
Una Ng
Cynthia Nimerichter
Linda Nolan
William North
James Null
Rick O’Connell
David Ogrean
David Palenchar
Wynne Palermo
Jay Patel
Susan Pattee
Marijane Axtell Paulsen
Patricia Peterson
Wendy Pifher
Joy Powell
Diane Price
Kae Rader
Jes Raintree
Shawn Raintree
Venkat'eshwar Reddy
Early Reese
Michelle Grove Reiland
Mike Resty
Kelly Roth
Morris Roth
Ann M. Rotolo
Cat Scheibner
BJ Scott
Rocky Scott
Steve Self
Cari Shaffer
Kimberley Sherwood
Pam Shockley-Zalabak
Sue Skiffington-Blumberg
Richard Skorman
Brenda Smith
Scott Smith
Jon Stepleton
Terry Storm
Dan Stuart
Gene Sullivan
James Sullivan
Janet Suthers
Bettina Swigger
Roman Tafoya
Michelle Talarico
Lynne Telford
Will Temby
Parry Thomas
Sharon Thomas
Deborah Thornton
Mary Thurman
Vic Tise
Wendel Torres
Thayer Tutt
Greg Varner
Meredith Vaughan
Luis Velez
David Vessey
Joshua Waymire
Richard Webber
John Weiss
Linda Weise
Michael Welch
Duane Wheeland
John Whitten
Deborah Wilson
Gary Winegar
Renita Wolf
Martin Wood
Rob Wrubel
Debra Wynn
Ron Wynn
Tony Young
Elizabeth Youngquist
Stephanie Yukawa
Renee Zentz

Class of 1997
Deborah Adams, Attorney at Law (Ret), ,
Donna Bertram, Arlington (TX) Memorial Hospital 
Buck Blessing, Griffis/Blessing, Inc.
Susan Engfer, Former Cheyenne Mountain Zoo President/
Calvin Johnson, Solid Rock Christian Church (retired)
Lorne Kramer , KRW Associates, LLC
Promise Lee, Relevant Word Ministries
Kathy Loo, Community Advocate
James Lucas, The Lucas Group
Mary Lou Makepeace, Gay & Lesbian Fund
Marijane Axtell Paulsen, Colorado Tech University
Rocky Scott, Woodward Governor
Cari Shaffer, ADD STAFF, Inc.
Richard Skorman, Poor Richard's/Conservation Hardware
John Weiss, The Independent

Class of 1998,
Megan Day, JuwiSolar, Inc.,
Ginny Greene, The Design Partnership
Ken Jaray, Center for Conflict Resolution
Steve Kenney, Kenney & Co. 
Gil Martinez, 4th Judicial District
Shaun McCarthy, Great Western Bank
Wynne Palermo, WYNNE Realty, Ltd.
Shawn Raintree, Raintree Advisors
Stephanie Yukawa, 

Class of 1999
Martha Barton, Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care, ,
Chris Cipoletti, Chris Cipoletti, P.C.
Les Gruen, Urban Strategies, Inc.
Gay Hatler, First Christian Church (retired)
Jaan Heinmets, THE NET – Churches Serving Together
Jim Johnson, GE Construction
Nancy Lewis, Garden of the Gods Foundation
Tammie Lowrie, BKD, LLP
Cleasther Marchman, Community Activist
Lou Mellini, KILO 94 FM/The Eagle 106.9 FM
William North, Marketplace City
David Palenchar, El Pomar Foundation
Rob Wrubel, Cascade Investment Group
Elizabeth Youngquist, Community Advocate

Class of 2000
Tom Bennett, International Provider Services, ,
Sharon Berthrong, Community Activist
Cari Davis, Memorial Health System
Andrea W. Doray, Independent Consultant
Larry Hungerford, Master Solutions
Mary Ellen McNally, Community Advocate
Morris Roth, Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group
Cat Scheibner, 
Scott Smith, La Plata Communities
Terry Storm, Pikes Peak Association of Realtors
Roman Tafoya, USAA (Retired)
Will Temby, Apprentice Personnel
Tony Young, Anthony P. Young, Psy. D & Associates

Class of 2001
David Dempsey, Lockheed Martin, ,
Albert Gonzales, Hispanic Coalition
Barbara Hughes, 4th Judicial District
Tony Koren, NorthStone Group
Wes Metzler, Humane Society (Retired)
Vic Meyers, Harrison School Dist. (Retired)
David Ogrean, US Hockey Foundation
Kae Rader, Rader Consulting, LLC
Parry Thomas, Thomas & Thomas
Deborah Wilson, Deleware State University
Gary Winegar, Griffis/Blessing
Debra Wynn, 

Class of 2002
Heather Carroll, Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation, ,
Yolanda Fennick, Law Offices of Yolanda Fennick
Michelle Grove Reiland, The Spires Broadmoor
Wendy Henry, BKD, LLP
Michael Kazmierski, Economic Development Corporation
Dot Lischick, Colorado Springs World Arena
Laura McGuire, SmartTracks
Manuel Navarro, American Medical Response
Cynthia Nimerichter, Delicious Theory
James Null, 
Jon Stepleton, 
Michelle Talarico, The Picnic Basket Catering Company

Class of 2003
Vic Andrews, USAF/USAA (Retired), ,
Gabriel Blanco, City of Colorado Springs Fire Dept.
Queen E. Brown, Queen E. Brown & Assoc.
Rita Burns, Memorial Health Systems (Retired)
Mike Edmonds, The Colorado College
Julie Francis, Catamount Institute
Kyle Hybl, El Pomar Foundation
Paul Johnson, Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity
Ann-Marie Manning, The Colorado College
C.J. Moore, Kaiser Permanente
Thomas Naughton, U. S. Bank
Linda Nolan, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Ann M. Rotolo, 4th Judicial District Magistrate
BJ Scott, Peak Vista Community Health Centers
Ron Wynn, Superintendent School District 6 ‘

Class of 2004
Clarica (Reese) Armstead, Primerica/Black Leadership Forum, ,
Morey Bean, Colorado Architecture Partnership
Susan Edmondson, Bee Vradenburg Foundation
Marta Erhard, CorVirtus
Ann Fetsch, Community Advocate
Joseph Garcia, Lt. Governor - State of Colorado
Lon Matejczyk, Apprentice Personnel
Rick O’Connell, Penrose-St. Francis (retired)
Jay Patel, Jayson, Inc.
Early Reese, Trinity College (formerly)
Greg Varner, Mayotte and Varner
Michael Welch, Peak Vista Community Health Centers
Duane Wheeland, The Orchard Foundation

Class of 2005
Randy Bernstein, Ent Federal Credit Union, ,
Jack Gloriod, Gloriod & Associates
Jim Henderson, UCCS
Kevin Johnson, Elope, Inc.
Devin Knuckles, Focus on the Family (retired)
Alicia McConnell, U.S. Olympic Committee
Vannessa Moses, DeVry Univsersity
Una Ng, Colorado College
Susan Pattee, Accelerating Potential, LLC
Wendy Pifher, Holland & Hart
Brenda Smith, First Presbyterian Church
James Sullivan, Boys & Girls Club
Janet Suthers, CSLI Co-Executive Director
Lynne Telford, Pikes Peak United Way
Vic Tise, Scientific Research Corporation (SRC)
Richard Webber, Major General, USAF
Renee Zentz, Home Builders Association

Class of 2006
Rick Arnold, CB&T Wealth Management, ,
Jennifer Barber, Colorado Technical University
Howard Brooks, Energy Resource Center
Bill Gamble, Black Leadership Forum
Beth Kosley, City of Woodland Park
Noreen Landis-Tyson, Community Partnership for Child Development
Phil Lane, Operation 6035
Sue Skiffington-Blumberg, City of Colorado Springs
Gene Sullivan, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Sharon Thomas, American Numismatic Association
Luis Velez, Colorado Technical University

Class of 2007
Ed Anderson, U.S. Army (Retired), ,
Michael Anderson, Summit Economics
Bob Chastain, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Steve Engel, Griffis/Blessing, Inc.
Jerry Forte, Colorado Springs Utilities
Walter Glover, United States Olympic Committee
Susan Grant, Municipal Court Judge
Rabbi Howard Hirsch, The Center for Christian-Jewish Dialogue
Patricia Peterson, Kempe Foundation
Diane Price, Early Connections Learning Centers
Kelly Roth, Delta Solutions & Strategies
Pam Shockley-Zalabak, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Wendel Torres, Tepa, LLC
Meredith Vaughan, Vladimir Jones
Linda Weise, Colorado Springs Conservatory
Renita Wolf, Wells Fargo Insurance Co.

Class of 2008
Eric Cefus, Catamount Institute, ,
Dave Csintyan, CS Chamber of Commerce
JD Dallager, Pikes Peak United Way
Tony Exum, CS Fire Department (Retired)
Tim Leigh, Hoff & Leigh
Jan Martin, CS City Council
Bill Mead, Wachovia Securities
Becky Medved, Cognitive Technologies
Mike Miles, Harrison School District
Paula Miller, Pikes Peak Library District
Steve Mulliken, Mulliken Weiner Karsh Berg
Joy Powell, Memorial Health System (Retired)
Mike Resty, U.S. Army (Retired)
Deborah Thornton, Imagination Celebration
Thayer Tutt, El Pomar Foundation
Martin Wood, UCCS

Class of 2009
Cynthia Aki, Independent Consultant, ,
Hal Alguire, Fort Carson Public Works
Walt Cooper, Cheyenne Mt. School District 12
Lisa M. Dailey, Attorney, Lisa Dailey P.C.
Dirk Draper, CH2M Hill
Ben Faricy, The Faricy Boys Chrysler Jeep
Stephannie Finley, CS Chamber of Commerce
Howard Fletcher, CS Police Department
Larry McEvoy, Memorial Health System
Kimberly McKay, BKD, LLP
Terrance McWilliams, El Pomar Foundation
Venkat'eshwar Reddy, UCCS College of Business
Kimberley Sherwood, Third Sector Group, Inc.
Dan Stuart, Alpern Myers Stuart LLC
Mary Thurman, School District 11
David Vessey, Donna Vessey Events
Joshua Waymire, Colorado Wealth Management
John Whitten, Colorado State Bank

Class of 2010
Clarissa Arellano, Pikes Peak Assoc. of Realtors
Brian Binn, CS Chamber of Commerce
Richard Blair, Southern Colorado Aids Project
Scott Bryan, Bryan Construction, Inc.
Dan Dandapani, UCCS College of Engineering
Michael Esch, Jean Sebben Associates
Jeff Greene, El Paso County
George Guerrero, El Pomar Foundation
HayDen Kane, Kane Law Firm, P.C.
Katie Lally, Center for Creative Leadership
Judy Mackey, Benefit Resources Group
Paul Martinez, Dynamic Solutions, LLC
Scott McGuire, Colorado Technical University
Jes Raintree, Community Advocate
Steve Self, BBVA Compass
Bettina Swigger, Festival Mosaic

Unknown graduating class
Robert Ginnett, Impact Leadership Development Group, LLC

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  1. I don't know what you are talking about. I am a fiscal conservative registered republican. CSLI is about self evaluation and leadership skills- not about politics.

    Roman L. Tafoya Class of 2000