Monday, May 16, 2011

Decoding Skorman: Green Thumb Associates


Here's a bright and cheery future to think about....

"Mom...Dude -- great news:  
I've been accepted into the program at Greenway!!!!  
I'm feelin' HELLA stoked!!!

Indeed, I first learned of Greenway U through the much the same way, I'm sure, that countless young men had their first thrilling gay experience -- 
yup, through the Independent.

I can't be the only one who remembers how, for years and years and years, the very first advertisement listed on the Independent's "Back Side" was a recurring ad from some guy named "Mike" who was just aching to meet other gay, bi-sexual, or "curious" men.  

(but I'll come back to this in the next day or so):

Anyway...I think it's a real *HOOT* how all of a sudden, marijuana is the "medicine" of the new millennium.

I Call Bullshit on Medicinal Marijuana
and my kids better not ever inform me that they intend to major in Ganjalogy

Might this be part of what Skorman has in mind for our fair city...
to brand Colorado Springs "Little Amsterdam"???

They all tell me to "follow the money," and so I do...and when it comes to the Independent and medicinal marijuana, there's like ENDLESS wads of cash to be found...
and Skorman's all for grassin' it up.


  1. How much, per hour, will D11 pay HRO to answer Chad Lawson's suit? I wonder what the total cost will be to restart negotiations because D11 also has to have the negotiations completed by a certain date. Good job perpetrating the fraud, WASTE, and ABUSE of taxpayer funds. Not.

  2. Oh, and the staff hours. Thanks researcher.

  3. Wow; way to change the subject; Skorman sure is lucky to have such a trusty and tenacious friend at his side.

    The whole “perpetrating” and “fraud” and “waste” and “abuse” thing makes me laugh; of course the complaint seeks precisely the opposite…to lift up the veils of secrecy that have shrouded these negotiations for the past thirteen years.. How predictable and funny, that you, too, scold and you strut and you scratch out your tally while peering out from your anonymous mask.

    I can’t speak to HRO’s current hourly billing rate. During the recall heyday of scripted mob and staged chaos, money was no object, and the sky hardly a limit. Sharon Thomas slid effortlessly from lead HRO attorney to D11 Superintendent, and from there to the ethical no-man’s land of the American Numismatic Society. In yet another example of HRO’s fluidity with the District, HRO once consulted with the Board in executive session for ninety minutes -- gratis , as I understand it – to address conflict of interest questions surrounding Vice President Jan Tanner. So, I think it’s fair to describe the resulting symbiosis as a sort of sliding scale that changes in relation to level of complicity.

    Of course, my own billable rate is Zero; I research it all and write it all for free, for me, for you, for God, and if you don’t like it, Kick Rocks – SCRAM -- don’t read it…go read something else. Why bother yourself here?

    I've already asked -- pointedly, and without response -- why the District STILL hasn't posted the February 23 board meeting podcast.? So, I'll ask again – Why??? Are you perhaps hoping that those who were present will all magically forget having been there? Or might it be to keep the public from watching that meeting and listening to that vote, and thinking things through on their own before credulously gulping down the District's spoon-fed, strained and filtered pabulum?

    There is no need for HRO, or Union, or District staff to research the facts of this matter: the Master Agreement provides that the initial negotiation meeting be open and public. Despite a 5-2 majority vote of the Board (Jan and LuAnn against) to uphold the provision, it hasn’t, and at present, no sign that it will.

    School District 11’s slice of the property tax pie is just slightly more than three-fourths - Three Fourths – just because you’re a teacher doesn’t preclude you from being a taxpayer. Why did we vote these people into office? Was it not with an expectation for effective communication, improved transparency and accountability, sincerity and stewardship?

    Yes, it was!

    What good is a School Board too powerless to enforce the very contract they pretend to negotiate…indeed, too weak even to enforce its own majority vote?

    I dunno...maybe y'all can brainstorm on "what's right" and "what's wrong" over some locally-incubated medicinal-marijuana-infused anchovy pizza

  4. Little Miss Spydra
    Sat on a wall
    Hurling insults and accusations
    At one and at all

    Then along came a query
    That sent her in a quandary
    Defensive so plain
    Spydra’s offensive was slain

    Perhaps now she ‘stands
    Her “fun” is pain