Monday, May 16, 2011

Decoding Skorman: Hot, or not?


I it just me who's, like, TOTALLY turned off by Skorman's whiny tough-guy routine?  His Elmer Fudd da-duh-duh-duh tretening ta kill da wabbit?

And who's gonna call him on the "mountain scar" soap box he keeps climbing upon...I mean, not to make light of it...but how many years ago did that happen, and who the heck's great idea was it anyway??  Obviously, a lot of short-sighted greedy people with lots of money, and judgment as bad as their eyesight -- oh-oh, my spidey sense just tingled for a new fact-finding tangent!

I'm 43, and I remember the scar on the mountain from as long as I've been alive.  To hear Skorman talk about it, you'd think young people today are just staying away from Colorado Springs in droves because they find the sight of that old quarry so darned offensive.  Haha!  I thought it was because we're so gay-intolerant!

Gimmie a break -- I'm surprised some extreme sport venue isn't trying to rock-ski off of it -- oh-oh, I was just making up something ridiculous in my head, y'all...*please* don't take it as an innovative industry to lure to town!

At the :28 second mark -- it is literally in the blink of an eye -- wish I could figure out how to watch it over and over again in slow motion.

I mean *people* come on...married for how long?  Skorman has described their pairing as "destined" -- destined people look at each other that way?

  • like when you're waiting for the divorce to become final...
  • like when you've decided to stay together for the sake of the kids...
  • like if you're some kind of friends with benefits...
  • like when it's a sham and you're both acting...
  • like when you're vampires?
These two are made for each other like stalactites and stalagmites.  I would think it to be obvious - indeed, I can't understand how his campaign people even approved it this so-fake scene, unless they were already on Take 53 and unable to see things as they are for themselves.  

Or is it that the way they see things really is so completely and utterly different than most?

Anyone who's in a long-term heterosexual relationship should be able to perceive the outright FALSENESS of this relationship mask...sometimes also known as a "beard," although in this case, it might be more of a toupee.  

He's already said that talking about her makes him feel "dirty."  Well, what up with that?

Either the Skorman-Seator sex life is so *SMOKIN' HOT* they can scarcely look at each other....or it's NOT.

And what's up with Skorman's "Oh, did you happen to notice my loving wife Patti...way off in the distance?"

Not buyin' it.


  1. She walks 6 paces behind him..what is this a Muslim, Japanese or Chinese marriage? What's with the loveless participation in this commercial? They can't even look at each other much less touch or hold hands. What's with that?

  2. Oh good grief, Barnie, you make me laugh so hard!