Monday, May 16, 2011

Decoding Skorman: Manitou Man


Skorman has a bunch of support in Manitou...which I'm sure has at least a little bit to do with John Weiss' interest in Manitou Market and other properties in Manitou.

Maybe it's just me...but I thought it a bit odd that Skorman's fan club had a parade-rally in his honor...complete with costumes and funny hats.

My 5 and 6 year olds insist that the man standing next to Skorman wearing the sunglasses in the second to the last photo is the same man that can be seen in the "Santa Christ" video on my post "No Good" (last photo).  "He has exactly the same face."

Well, good...because in that video, there was a bit more of Santa to see than merely his face...PLUS it was a bunch of eclectic weirdness that took place at America the Beautiful Park.

In case you're wondering, the folks who provided the "Santa Christ" music is a band called "Electric Illuminati"...apparently, Skorman's a fan, as they are prominently "liked" on his Facebook page.

But it probably already goes without saying what *I* think about all of it.

There was a whole video of the parade festivities on Skorman's site for a minute, but it's since been taken down.

I can see why -- it was a little creepy.

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