Monday, May 16, 2011

Decoding Skorman: Peas in the Skorman pod


Hello everyone.  As we all know, the upcoming election is *hugely* important.  Some polls have shown Richard Skorman leading the mayor's race, which is entirely unacceptable.

As you may know, I attended Palmer High School; I was also a backup singer for Jamaican Eclipse and Be Positive (B+), reggae bands that frequently played all over the place downtown.  Poor Richard's Feed and Read, as we called it back in the day, was a popular place for artsy musical liberal bohemian types to meet...and as such, I had ample opportunity to visit Skorman's establishment.

During my previous life as an artsy musical liberal bohemian type, I encountered Skorman often enough to recognize his face on sight; I can't say the reverse was ever  true.  Skorman never -- not even once -- gave any indication that he recognized me back...either as a semi-regular patron or as a member of the band, nor was he ever friendly towards me in the least.  

But if I was accompanied by, say, a popular male high school art teacher...or with the male lead members of the band, Skorman was all "Hi, hello and how are ya!"  I can't say why, exactly...because often, my escorts were much darker in hue than me.

Exactly the same was true of former councilwoman Judy Noyes when I would visit The Chinook.  I'm not sure if Noyes supports Skorman, though I'd be willing to put some money down on the bet that she does. 

The snubs and averted gazes accumulated over the years, and were a source of confusion for me for a long time.  In the end, I came to the following conclusion:  even though we were all black, both Skorman and Noyes perceived that I was the band's token female -- hardly a position of power -- and as such, a low-ranking field negro.  

Surprised?  You oughtn't be...because, as you may know, a lot of times -- secretly -- liberal democrats are racists.

The one and only time I encountered John during my brief tenure at the Independent occurred halfway through a team meeting.  As we were talking, an extremely short man -- like, 5 feet 3 inches or so -- came around the corner and entered into the conference room, wearing an oversized cowboy hat of approximately the same dimensions.

John Weiss
The only other time I'd ever seen such a strange little man was in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" -- and for a moment, I thought it might be some kind of a joke.  The non-plussed expressions on the faces of my co-workers helped to stifle my laughter; evenso, I'm sure my face wore a somewhat startled expression -- which, to my dismay, he noticed; he narrowed his eyes at me before exiting the room.  

No one had introduced us, and so I found it necessary to inquire as to the stranger's identity...and it was a terrible, sinking feeling in my stomach when I learned it was the Independent's big cheese, John Weiss.

Shortly thereafter, I was terminated -- and the only reason ever given me was, "You're not a good fit."  

I have worked in lots of places, with lots of people, and in all sorts of environments...and only one other time did I ever feel quite as uncomfortable, excluded, and utterly out of place as I did at the Independent:  it was when I toyed with the notion of pledging Alpha Kappa Alpha at CSU in Fort Collins.  Those young black women took an instant and intense disliking to young black me, because I failed to "act black."  I did not fit in -- something I've dealt with time and again over the course of my life.

Rejected regularly by narrow-minded blacks; welcomed just as regularly by open-minded, artsy musical liberal bohemian type whites.

And so it came as a total shock to find I was the black sheep...the dreaded red-headed stepchild at the all-inclusive, diversity-celebrating, everybody-welcome Colorado Springs Independent.

John Weiss and Richard Skorman
I've already written at length about Judy Noyes here, here and here.  During their time on city council, both Noyes and Skorman played key roles in the establishment of America the Beautiful Park.

I recently discovered some unsettling information concerning John Weiss, Barack Obama and public education innovation....and will write all about it in much closer detail over the next week or two.

Here's yet another awful connection:  both Weiss and Noyes are connected to the Colorado Springs Conservatory and the Friends of the Fountain Fund (Uncle Wilbur AND Julie Penrose)...which for me explains volumes about the strange secrecy at the elitist well why both fountains never seem to have any real want for money.

I don't know how rich Noyes is...but my guess is plenty.  And very few people seem to be aware of exactly HOW rich, powerful and influential John Weiss has become, thanks in large part to his machinations in the public education well as his pro-gay, pro-socialism, pro-Obama, pro-medicinal marijuana newsweekly.

Calls to mind Jan Tanner.  And if I'm ever able to connect Jan to Richard Skorman, trust that I'll shout it from the highest mountain.  

Friends, I do hope you realize the drastic and unpleasant changes that will take place in Colorado Springs should we allow Richard Skorman to be the first "strong mayor" of our city.  Skorman would most certainly be the left's enforcer...maneuvered and manipulated by John Weiss to promote and implement his radical socialist and gay agenda.

If we allow that to happen...well, we only have ourselves to blame.  I personally swear to do everything within my realm of control to put the Fiddleback Kibosh on Skorman's run for office.

Right now, I spend my time diagramming Skorman's sentences, the way Mr. Hardgraves taught me to at Mann Middle School, as well as picking out leftist jargon, codewords and doublespeak, the way Mrs. Tanner taught me to over the past couple of years.

Two challenging courses of study; two capable teachers; one very excellent student.

Candidate Skorman has uttered the following phrase numerous times; hence, my next article will have as its subject "World Class City." 


  1. Misc.Fiddleback Kibosh - did you learn that at Mann Middle School? Your teacher did a fine job. Do students still diagram sentences? I look forward to reading your future articles. World Class was interesting.

  2. Tanner and Skorman connect via Karen Teja, along the lines of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.