Monday, May 16, 2011

Decoding Skorman: "I bring you good news"


“Good news” and “bad news” are somewhat relative terms.  For instance:
  • You could get a call that you just won one million dollars – good news.
  • You could get a call saying your dog just died – bad news.
  • You could get a call from a neighbor that your house is on fire – bad news.
  • But if your neighbor alerts you quickly enough, and as a result you’re able to put out the fire and save your house…well, then that bad news is actually good news, right?


So, I’m happy to be the bearer of this great news: Richard Skorman and his ne’er-do-well friends discovered a basement window you left open…crept inside, and have been playing with matches; indeed, just before sneaking back out, they lit several small fires which threaten to burn your house down. I happened to be looking out of my window and saw them exit your house through the basement window; then, I smelled smoke...and then, I saw smoke come wafting from the window.

Friends, your house is on fire -- and you are faced with two choices:  

1.  Take heed of my warnings now, and act quickly; working together as a team, there’s still time for us to form a bucket-brigade, pour water on the smoldering embers and douse the arsonists’ flames.

2.  Ignore my warnings as nothing more than the raving of an uppity field which case, your house will burn down -- and mine along with it.

Wouldn't it be awful to look at the ruins of our homes through the crystal-clear and awful lens of hindsight?

My friends, 
it is this serious  
the choice is ours.
time is short...the time is now.

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