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Decoding Skorman: Michael J. Duncan, Esq


Somewhere, there's a fat lady singing.
I'll be adding to this post...
but suffice it to say that the Skorman campaign has just taken a serious nose-dive.

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Political committee questions whether Bach’s campaign violated law

May 1st, 2011, 12:52 pm · 14 Comments · posted by dchacon

UPDATE: This blog post has been updated with new information about Michael J. Duncan.
A new political committee whose stated purpose is to “educate the voters of Colorado Springs regarding their mayoral candidates” came out swinging with a quarter-page ad in the Sunday paper.
The ad by Citizens Tired of the Status Quo blasts Americans for Prosperity, a Republican advocacy organization that is running TV and radio ads against Richard Skorman.
The ad questions whether Steve Bach’s campaign is “illegally coordinating with out of town funders to produce sleazy negative advertising.”
“Laura Carno, Steve Bach’s campaign manager, volunteered for Jeff Crank of Americans for Prosperity, produced his radio shows and continues to have close ties with him,” the ad states.
While the ads targeting Skorman use the word “liberal” four times, the ad against Americans for Prosperity uses the word “sleazy” six times.
The ad encourages readers to call Bach and “ask him if he will swear on his Bible that no one in his campaign knew anything about these sleazy ads” against Skorman.
“Call Steve Bach …and demand an end to these sleazy campaign ads. This is not what Colorado Springs is all about,” the ad states.
The new political committee filed papers with the City Clerk’s Office on April 26.
The registered agent is Michael J. Duncan, a local attorney who is the past president of the Trails and Open Space Coalition. Duncan serves on the boards of Justice Watch, the American Civil Liberties Union and Safe Place, according to his online biography.
According to filings with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, Duncan is also the registered agent of the Colorado Springs Sun, which is owned by John Weiss, publisher of the Independent newspaper. Weiss took a leave of absence from all aspects of the news and editorial departments of the Indy to work on Skorman’s campaign.
“He’s probably the registered agent of lots of things,” Weiss said about Duncan.
“Michael has done some work for the Independent from time to time, including registering the name The Sun,” he said. “He did it for free.”
Duncan did not respond to an email seeking comment.
The chair of the political committee is Frank Wimberley, according to the ad. Wimberley contributed $50 to Skorman’s campaign Jan. 31, according to campaign finance reports. He contributed $50 to Skorman’s council campaign in 2003, reports show. In November, he wrote a letter to the editor in support of Skorman.
In an email, Carno reiterated that the Bach campaign isn’t coordinating with Americans for Prosperity.
“As I said last week when the Skorman campaign brought up this same information, there is no coordination between the Bach campaign and any outside groups,” Carno said.
Crank, a conservative radio show host who is the state director of Americans for Prosperity, said he planned to forward the ad to his attorney tomorrow.
“There’s an old legal saying that goes, ‘If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither on your side, pound the table.’ The left continues to pound the table,” he said in an email.
“Nobody on the left has challenged the veracity and truthfulness of the AFP ad – and with good reason.  The ad, which focuses on Richard Skorman’s policies, is factually true.  Citizens of Colorado Springs should call Richard Skorman … and tell him that those policies are hurting Colorado Springs.
“Since they cannot attack the truthfulness of the ad, they have chosen to try to demonize the person and organization responsible for it.  They have done so without a shred of evidence to support their claim.  Sadly, they’ve chosen a personal attack instead of confronting these policy issues head on.
“Americans for Prosperity will continue to focus on the economic policies which will make Colorado Springs strong and create jobs in our community.  We’ll leave the personal attacks to others,” he wrote.

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At 11:17 p.m. on May 1, 2011, Spydra wrote:

Wow…what part of “I’ve been researching Richard Skorman and everyone associated with him for the better part of the year” do these people not understand???
Michael J. Duncan is the agent of record and/or incorporator of…an organization listed as being owned by John Weiss and associated with Richard Skorman.
Other businesses associated with Duncan are:
American Law Worx Inc (can’t wait to tell you a story about them)
Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates Inc (isn’t this an TOPS thing?)
Spirit Heart Healing Center Llc
Capstone Investment Financial Group Inc
Resurrected Properties (?)
Christian Lawworx
Justice Watch Of The Pikes Peak Region Inc

Colorado Springs Conservatory Properties Llc (also associated with John Weiss...strange that the head of the Colorado Springs Conservatory is a woman named Linda Weiss)
Eagle Developments Inc
Resurrection Investment Inc (?)
Bestowing Blessings Inc  (?)
Rocky Mountain Learning Enterprises Llc (this is associated with the
Gurian Gender-Based Learning crap I've written about previously)
Deluxe Interactive
G A Domino Construction Inc

Friends Of The Fountain Fund (awww, HELL to the No!)
Terry Schwartz and Associates Llc
Inside/out Youth Services (Weiss-founded age 13+ gay youth group)
G and G Auto Service, Inc
Co-dependent Llc, Delinquent August 1, 2006 (again, a Weiss organization)
Bristlecone Building, Llc (this is by the Trestle Building across from
America the Beautiful Park)
Christopher R Mcnulty, Do, Llc
Manitou Market Llc (AGAIN a Weiss-owned business)


  1. So I guess you will tell us that Richard Skorman is the anti christ just like you tell everyone that America the beautiful park is the same as 666.
    This insanity just gives me another reason to vote for Richard Skorman.
    I feel sorry for you Spydra.....I hope you get some serious mental health counseling and quickly before you really go off the deep end.

  2. Why on earth would you base your vote on what I have to say about things -- indeed, why haven't you already cast your ballot? What are you waiting for?

    In order for Richard Skorman to be the anti-christ, he'd have to be a tough-guy...AND HE'S HARDLY THAT. Some strong mayor he'd make.

    What's certainly Satanic, however, is that little weasel Weiss starting up gay youth groups for 13-year-olds and luring them in with movies, soda pop and free pizza. How does he get away with it, and yet avoid getting charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor? Weiss better hope he never makes the mistake of contributing to the delinquency of mine.

    Most importantly and once again, Richard Skorman's deluded supporters miss the point ENTIRELY -- all of the mud they sling at AFP is BULLSHIT at best, with the equally-strange and hardly unbiased Michael J. Duncan, Esq. pulling strings and tossing red herrings from the shadows.

    And don't think Mary Lou Makepeace isn't machinating for Skorman outside of all our purview - haven't we all already had enough of her own strange brand of "leadership" and "vision"? Considering she was the main mover and shaker responsible for that expensive "eye"sore just southwest of downtown, wake up and take heed if you hear her break into the first verse of America the Beautiful.

    I wish I could say I pity you, but I don't - we'd all be better off if you kept some of your radical gayisms to yourselves. Stop trying to transform this city into your own strange Garden of Eden - if you don't like it here the way it is right now, hie yourselves to Berkeley or San Francisco, where there's all of the mountains and gender dysphoria and gay pride one could ever want; LEAVE ALREADY - you won't be missed.

    I cannot believe that any of us wish for the Colorado Springs City Council to be led by a Rainbow Coalition Marionette Mayor, his strings pulled by Gill, Weiss, and Makepeace - our a real-life version of "Glee." This ain't Kukla, Fran and Ollie, folks...and like Chevy Chase, it's NOT FUNNY.

    I love my hometown of Colorado Springs too much to see it go straight to Hell. I am one of this city's most ardent patriots, and have already promised to fight in defense of this city until the last man in the mayoral race is left standing.

    If you don't like reading what I have to say about things, don't visit my blog. I won't be changing my tune...and in case you didn't already know, the fiddleback's promise is never pretty.

  3. And for what it's worth, Anonymous...I can't even count the number of people who have read what I've written about America the Beautiful Park and *sworn* to never, EVER go there, for any reason.

  4. Jeff Crank and Steve Bach are thrilled to gave a lunatic campaigning for Steve Bach. What Spydra is trying to tell you is that you will go to hell if you vote for Skorman. She also calls Skorman a Democrat. Spydra calls Doug Bruce a "Good Man" and that guy is arrogant and he is a racist....just check on when he Called Mexican workers illiterate Peasants. Steve Bach also said he wants to keep the street lights off....Spydra you are complaining about the Street Lights being turned off and you are Supporting Bach who wants to keep them off...You are making a whole lot of sense...Right?

  5. Hey Spydra you are forgetting something, TABOR is on the books and No Elected offican can raise taxes without voter approval. You didn't think about that, Did you?

  6. It's been very simple, actually, to show voters Richard Skorman for what he is: The Wrong Choice to lead Colorado Springs. Everything I've posted about him is backed up with unchallenged documentation and video -- and unlike some of his rabid supporters, I've not needed to resort to word-twisting, misquoting, games of semantics, and the comparisons of apples to oranges.

    Skorman lists a good many Facebook "likes" and one pertains to "night sky pollution" -- he supports the turning off of lights.

    After my "Decoding Skorman: Manitou Man" post, Skorman removed from his Facebook page his "following" and "like" of "The Electric Illuminati" - a strange and eclectic musical group of dubious talent (featured in my "No Good" post singing their song "Santa Christ".

    I have posted many articles on Mr. Skorman of an historical nature; why shies he from the published and well-known *fact* that he is a liberal? What else is he shying from?

    It's reasonable to believe Skorman would soon stop being bashful if allowed to become our strong mayor.

    Doug Bruce and Tabor have nothing to do with Michael J. Duncan; what's your point?

    Brave red-herring tossers, you've not said or done a thing to change my opinion that Colorado Springs will suffer under a Skorman mayorship.

    Judging from the videos included on my post "No Good" you might feel a lot better if you breathe slowly...deeply...while chanting "Ommmm" several hundred times, before spinning around in circles and worshipping Santa Christ in the middle of A the B Cathedral - make sure to be listening to some choice Electric Illuminati while you're at it, and your mind will be right again in no time.

  7. Wow, I've missed so much. I'm not disturbed by Duncan. He's obviously a Democrat who supports other Democrats. The only reason I was able to choose one of the candidates over the other, (I know little about Bach) is that I know so much about Skorman. He connived with the vindictive Heimlicher ( I saw & heard with my own eyes & ears. They didn't know me or see me sitting behind them during their private converstion. Can't help but eavesdrop.) AND Skorman is not "middle-of-the-road." He has personally sided with extreme liberal views and withdrawn his endorsement of middle-of-the-road, thinking and caring candidates. He's like a Jeff Crank but on the other extreme. I've not seen nor heard any negative facts about Bach. I voted for Bach and am praying for our city.

  8. I hate to agree with you on this: my vote will be more *against* Skorman than for Bach. I admit to not knowing much about Bach, but I know too much about Skorman to ever recommend voting for someone so sympathetic to radical leftist ideologies.