Monday, May 16, 2011

Decoding Skorman: Sista to sistas


Back when I worked at MCI, there would be software release "parties" and everyone knew that depending on how smooth the system transition, the night might be long.  Pizza, soda, coffee and donuts were ordered so that everyone could eat in and stay up. People worked as long as they could before begging off...but most stayed until the boss said to call it a night - sometimes 3 or 4 am.

But K-Young and the Too Late Crew couldn't stay up past 10 on election night??? Wow. I mean, WOW. 

The Urban League and the NAACP sing Young's praises as though she were our own local version of Weezy Jefferson...patron saint and icon for black women dreaming of movin' on up.  For the life of me, I can't understand how such a half-stepper managed to climb up the ladder at all.

I'll bet Ms. Young's paycheck is at least twice what I earned at MCI, so I wonder...what has this woman done to earn it?  Can we make her pay it back? I ask because she sho nuff ain't earned it...and that's got to constitute the perpetration of some kind of fraud, doesn't it?

Here's what's really neat: 
"Under the strong-mayor form of government that voters approved in November, the next mayor will have the power to appoint, among other positions, the city clerk. Previously, the council made the appointment."
Folks...all of this is a set-up; from way back when the clerk's office employee made a show of tearing up Lisa Czelatdko's paperwork, to the ballots that went out to only some of the voters, ballots that didn't fit the envelopes or the privacy sleeve, and now this wimpy, trifling "We'se tired, boss" job performance on the big day.  They knew it was coming...why didn't they get some extra shut-eye the night before?

It's all an outrage...and it's meant to be; more theatrics for the masses to lap up.

That way, should Richard Skorman make it into office, he can sweep in and make further show of his decisive leadership style by implementing Point 4 of his 10-point plan:

4. Economic Security: Stabilize Local Government
Business leaders are not going to move to Colorado Springs to create new jobs and existing employers aren’t going to stay here unless we deliver the services they need and maintain our municipal infrastructure.
“Opportunity Springs” rests on a foundation of maximized efficiency and transparency in our city government. We must restore the services and infrastructure that help our community attract and retain jobs.
Personnel policies must be evaluated to identify any alterations or additional efficiencies that could maximize sustainability for the future. If it is deemed most effective, options for privatization or outside contracting will be on the table for any and all departments and services. If the private sector can do it cheaper and better, then we need to make a change.
Colorado Springs has lost key staff in all departments – staff that is critical to providing and protecting a stable infrastructure. My priority will be to build a competent, permanent team as quickly as possible. I want to assure the talent that the city currently employs that their jobs are secure and that their new boss will treat them with the respect they deserve. And, just as in the local businesses I have run successfully for more than 20 years, they need to know I will make swift changes when an employee is not bringing excellence to the job every day.
Key Actions As Mayor:
Stabilize staff. Right now, we have “acting” managers in these positions: City Manager, Fire Chief, Parks Director, Planning Director, Transit Director, City Engineer, and Streets Division Director – just to name a few. We have lost outstanding talent over the last few years. Current talent is being recruited by other entities. My priority will be to build a competent team as quickly as possible. Permanent department heads need to be put in place soon to stabilize the city administration.

This is a Gone with the Wind-style melodrama, with Kathryn Young starring in the role of Prissy...wunna dem darkies who sho nuff done messed up at all the worsenest tahm en don' know nuthin 'bout no vote countin'. 

She's been with the city for ever and a day and on the cusp of retirement; she's being encouraged to make a public spectacle of her woeful long-timer-itis, indeed, urged to play it up to the hilt.  The grumbling that started months ago will grow to a swell; enter stage left Skorman, mock meek.  He speaks softly as he informs the public of having reached a hard decision; then he swings the big stick, making tough changes, pardon-me-while-I-whip-this-out, there's a new-radical-leftist-mayor-in-town-now fashion.

It's all well and good with Young, who has always known and played her role of Token to the satisfaction of her white masters...earning her all kinds of money for a job done so-so.  
See, and that's why field negros get resentful...but I digress.

With two snaps and a "See ya!" Young will saunter to an exit stage left, landing on her fat, cushy nest egg and then walking away.  Eh...who knows, maybe she'll even hiss "racism" on her way out the door, just for good measure...Young's variation on the Penelope Culbreth-Graft school of goodbye.

And then our new strong mayor Spiny Skorman will clean house and install the right "talent" in all the high places.  

Tell me...what good has all that holding hands and swaying, singing Kumbayah gotten you, huh...what has Obama done for black people lately...or at all, huh???  

It is to laugh.

You know...for years, heck, for practically all of my life, I've been accused by other blacks of being siddity; that is to say, of being a snob and acting better than the rest by talking white and acting white and wanting to be white, instead of black like them; but I was black like them...indeed, much that I knew and understood somehow rendering me a darker black than most. 

Frequently stopping all along the ladder to fawn and suck up for some of Massa's approving attention, or to lick and reopen hundred-year wounds, the blacks who circled the wagons to keep me out are  wholly unaware that they're in the midst of being hoodwinked.

Bowing and bending and saying "Yassuh", and all the while too siddity to so much as even acknowledge the loud and embarrassing  field negro somewhere out in the cotton field shouting "DANGER, DANGER!!!" until she's hoarse.

We will doubtless see a sudden surge of "Sexual Minorities" working and doing their thing...just like you and me.  Only it won't be you and me....because unless we're gay with friends in high places, or vocal, ardent mouseketeers singing our support for the gay way, then we will not have a job.  No doubt straight blacks will be tempted to adopt gay mannerisms, in hopes of fitting in with the self-indulgent extravagances of the newly ruling homosexual elite. 

Anyone who questions or complains about the inequity of the new gay quotas and benchmarks will be labeled a hater, or intolerant, and have the choice of either going to the back of the line, or stand facing the corner until further notice.

My prediction is that the very few and so-select schvartze granted access to Skorman's world will preferably be a minimum of two minorities, and preferably three;...that is, black *and* gay...*and* wheelchair-bound better yet, you see?  

As with the funk-fakin', jive talkin' Brother Obama, so are Skorman's black supporters taken in...believing his rehearsed and empty rhetoric -- carefully scripted by John Weiss, the way John did back in the day with the "proposal" he wrote all by himself to extend benefits to same-sex parterships? Primping and preening his feathers of cleverness...makes me want to ask who the "real" visionary top dog is on that team, the speaker or the spoken. 

And so none of the blacks will even recognize or appreciate their error until they start noticing that all of the blacks sitting behind city desks are deaf-mute gay black who expect you to be a fluent in American Sign Language in order to communicate with them.   

While blacks were supposedly keeping their eyes on our hard-fought prize, they found time to play the race game whether or not it was warranted...grumbling "racism" and "injustice" one minute, and the next, licking open old wounds that had been on the mend, and pandering and sucking butt of their Progressive white friends the next.  

No, nothing is ever good enough...which is what makes black people so susceptible to the tried and true cons of grifters and hucksters, falling hook, line and sinker for the old bait and switch.  In their quest for inclusion, in their quest for white boys who think black is beautiful, and search for sympathetic white soul sisters, unwitting and trusting blacks linked arms and joined forces with the very gays who, after a time of studying the black model from close up, would turn tail and suddenly usurp the black's place in America.  

In their endeavor to dream Dr. King's dream of inclusion and acceptance, blacks have become not just the house negro, but the open-house negro.  With blacks believing that the new age that dawns promises inclusion and acceptance, they rise up to defend the honor of their "best friend who happens to be gay" from the narrow-minded hate of some bigoted bully.  

And while they were distracted with their new and unfamiliar role of Enforcers of Fairness, their new gay allies just walked right up and stole the prize.  


But no.  Rather than bearing the load on your own shoulders, you shared it with every socialist splinter group that came along...beckoning to the commune-minded Muslim and gay and Latino, "Come one and come all!"  

Oh, won't you stop still and stare...blinking back hot, stinging, i-didn't-see-that-comin' tears of slow realization when finally you understand that you gave away our farm.  You invited gays in, and allowed them to study you and your vehicle of proud indignation; and now, as the gays turn on us and pounce, demanding the keys to the Eldorado, you hand them over, blithely, blindly, cooperating with a smile and a nod after making them promise to give you a ride if and whenever you call asking for one.  

You gave away the gains that were bought with the spilling of black blood to the undeserving; the carpetbaggers did not march, the carpetbaggers did not face the water canons, the carpetbaggers did not suffer the bite of the dog...the carpet baggers were not gang raped by the light of a burning cross before being lynched; in a misguided effort at overcoming, you just handed over our 40 acres and our mule...and what for?

For gay people to use to flaunt and abuse to their near exclusive advantage; gays, who don and doff their imitation black hides like they were false eyelashes; gays, who will soon and suddenly enjoy all sorts of privilege and perks with a mere slip of the lisp and limp of the wrist, in accordance to the circumstance; gays, who are neither disenfranchised nor victims of discrimination except through their own choice.  

How quickly the gay mice that roar have outpaced the distracted blacks still dreaming King's dream, sleepwalking all the way to the back of the bus -- again -- after coming to find the front row seats are reserved for white gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people, and their curious, questioning, gender confused young friends.

The Oscar for Best Supporting Black Actress goes to Kathryn Young, for her unnerving portrayal of a nonchalant and inept token black head of the office of the city clerk.  While you have done and continue to do a disservice to every field negro in town, so many of them still look up to you as their real-life and local role-model; your leftist white producers and directors are much pleased with your performance, and trust that you'll enjoy the complimentary boxes of corn bread and collard greens.

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